November 27, 2013

Inspired Learners            

Was that Ms. Frizzle?       

Amos Ms. Frizzle

Amos Elementary students seem to know Valerie Felicity Frizzle more than most, which is something of a big coup, considering that this eccentric third-grade teacher has a way of getting around. Using a variety of unusual magic devices - and a pretty engaging wardrobe to make it come to life - this fictional character from the Magic School Bus books teaches kids scientific concepts and manage to do so right at their academic level. Amos Elementary staff members Therese Bopes, Loli Moon and Mary Harris are just a few who dressed as Ms. Frizzle.

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Engaged Community                 

Dunn Turns 40      

Dunn Turns 40

School anniversaries are always festive affairs, but the shindig Dunn Elementary threw recently was more than celebratory: it was a pep rally and endearment gathering all wrapped up in one. Several of Dunn's principals from its 40 years were on hand, as was Superintendent Dr. Marcelo Cavazos and a number of the district's board members. What sets Dunn apart, and that was shown during the ceremony emceed by current principal Mary Helen Burnett, is the rather spirited love from the tight-knit community it serves. | Current and former Dunn Elementary principals joined together during the 40th anniversary celebration.

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Inspired Learners            

Veterans Salute    

Duff Veterans Salute

Veterans Day never comes to the AISD in the form of a whisper; it's usually with considerable fanfare, whether it is with trumpets blaring or drums beating. It is rare for a campus to let such a momentous day come and go without all sorts of moving ceremonies, and this year was the same, as dozens of schools had assemblies, showed films in classes, read books, conducted work studies and had one-on-one visits from former and current military personnel. | Duff Elementary honored veterans from their families and community and put their names on stars for a wall of honor.

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Engaged Community             

Community Givers    

Bowie Gives Back

When Bowie High School first began its local outreach that would involve cleaning up its surrounding neighborhood, Assistant Principal Dr. Keith Johnson didn't quite know what to expect. Who would show up? How would the residents who live near the school react? | More than 350 students, teachers and administrators participated in Bowie Gives Back Day.

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Bound for Success Program Kicks Off
The University of Texas at Arlington and the Arlington Independent School District announced the launch of Bound for Success, a new early admissions initiative aimed at increasing the number of high-achieving high school scholars who ultimately earn a college degree.
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Capital Needs Community Dialogues

On Dec. 10 and 11, the Capital Needs Steering Committee is hosting four community dialogues to solicit feedback from community members about future capital needs in the areas of facilities, technology, transportation and fine arts.
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Nov. 28-29: Student/staff holiday
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