February 25, 2013

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The First 100 

Speer ES 100 Days

When the school year's first 100 days of classroom instruction rolled around, it was a little like stepping into another world, particularly at schools like Atherton and Farrell elementaries. Students and teachers alike roamed the halls looking like 100-year-olds, complete with gray hair, mustaches, glasses and canes. | Speer Elementary Principal Selena Bastidas celebrates her 100th day as a principal with a first-grade class.

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Animal Essayists 

Ditto ES Animal Essay winners

Butler Elementary Principal Daniel Gallagher was already proud and impressed that three of his students placed in the 2013 Animal Essay Contest, so imagine his glee when he learned that only 12 winners are selected among some 1,000 entries from three school districts, private schools, charter schools and home schoolers. | Ditto Elementary fifth-grader teacher Marcie Walker congratulated Madelyn A. and Caroline B. on their awards.

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Engineers' Night             

Crouch ES Engineering Night

Juan Escalante had no idea engineering could be this much fun. When he attended Crouch Elementary Engineering Night, it was hard to tell who was having the better time - him or his first-grade son, Dante. They spent time checking the stability of bridges, learning how biomedical engineering helps create the design in shoes and assembling a launcher that sent a cotton ball flying in the air.  | Juan Escalante and his son, Dante, enjoyed the activities at Engineering Night.

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Off to the Next Level 

Seguin HS Signing Day

The University of North Florida figures there's a big upside to signing Seguin's Erin E., partly because the senior took up volleyball just a year ago. In fact, UNF offered Edwards a full athletic scholarship last summer after it was made clear that she's a talent with loads of potential. She decided to sign on the dotted line just a few weeks ago. | Seguin signees Brandon C., Lindon R., Jordon H., Greg W. and Kimani J. congratulate each other after the ceremony.

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