February 4, 2013

Engaged Community       

Super Bowl of Resources      

Community Resource Fair

For Pregnancy, Education and Parenting Counselor Josie Drewett, finding students in need of her services is a never-ending endeavor, which means she is likely to find students needing help pretty much anywhere. Female students seeking guidance because they are pregnant but want to finish school often find their way to her PEP department, but there are also those who reach her by non-traditional means. | PEP Counselor Josie Drewett talks with Community Resource Fair attendees.

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Engaged Community            

Small Grants, Big Things         

Youth Collaboration Breakfast

Eighth graders at Ferguson Junior High will soon write and publish their own books - and share them with Roquemore Elementary students. Students at Rankin Elementary plan to beautify a nursing home with plants, flowers and art projects. At Remynse Elementary, students will develop language arts skills through an after-school drama club. | Sam Houston High School alumnus Justin Chapa addressed the Youth Collaboration Breakfast.

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Inspired Learners        

Math With Chili           

Third-grade chili team

Sherrod Elementary clearly understands the secret to throwing a math party and having a packed house while doing it. Add chili. Have a grade level competition. Allow everyone to go from booth to booth to sample each one.  | The third-grade chili cooking team of Bobbie Price, Trish Webber, Sherry Scott and Paula Benz enjoyed the event.

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Inspired Learners          

McCaa Comes to Barnett 

John McCaa visits Barnett

Who knew that the first time John McCaa of WFAA Channel 8 was in the anchor chair he was so nervous sweat poured down his face as though he'd just returned from a 10-mile hike in the wilderness? The second time was better, though not much. He eventually got comfortable and now, more than 30 years later, is about as natural a news deliverer as you'll find anywhere. | Barnett Junior High Principal Dion Varnado emceed a presentation by John McCaa.

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Free Family College Prep Event
All AISD junior high and high school students and their parents are invited to attend a free seminar on getting ready for college Saturday, Feb. 16 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Sam Houston High School.
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