October 19, 2012

Inspired Learners    

A Different Kind of Camp  

Title I Enrichment Camp

At this summer's Title 1 Enrichment Camp, elementary and junior high students got a chance to do something they don't normally do during the lazy, vacation-filled, sleeping-in days of summer: have fun in science and math. | Students in the Title I Enrichment Camp learned about magnetism and created magnet tricks, like suspending a paper clip in midair.

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Inspired Learners       

No Fear of Public Speaking Here         

Remnyse Presenter Night

Few things send students into a state of panic more than getting up in front of an audience to speak. Few things give students more confidence than getting up in front of an audience to speak - and succeeding. | Remynse Elementary sixth graders Aja C. and Amari J. give their presentation during the I AM A Presenter night.

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Engaged Community     

Walking (Together) to School 

Young Walk to School Day

Like clockwork, as they have in years past, Corey Elementary students began showing up in bunches in the parking lot of the Cliff Nelson Recreation Center shortly before 7 a.m. About 30 minutes later, they started their trek, traveling east along Bardin and onto Kelly Elliott and straight to Corey. | Young Junior High students and parents participated in Walk to School Day for the first time this year.

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Inspired Learners    

Putting Rivalries Aside    

AHS band fundraiser

When a Martin High School Band member's cancer fight took a turn for the worse, help came from a source that, on the surface, seems rather unlikely: the band from Arlington High School. | Arlington High School Assistant Director Nathan Burum poses for a picture with Martin High School junior Taylor H. and her father, Bob, during the Dean Corey Band Spectacular.

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Sharing the Dream Art and Essay Contest

The Arlington Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee presents the 2013 Sharing the Dream Art and Essay Contest. The deadline is Friday, Nov. 2.
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