The National Center for Family & Marriage Research has released a series of Family Profiles examining 50-year trends in spousal heterogamy using data from the 1964-2014 Current Population Survey.

The first installment in our three-part series examines spousal age heterogamy, marriages with wives whose husbands are 2+ years younger -- the "cougar wife" -- or husbands with wives who are 5+ years younger.
  • FP-15-14
    • Assortative Mating: Age Heterogamy in U.S. Marriages, 1964-2014
  • FP-15-15
    • Assortative Mating: Educational Homogamy in U.S. Marriages, 1964-2014
  • FP-15-16
    • Assortative Mating: Racial Homogamy in U.S. Marriages, 1964-2014

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