June 2013

Happy Summer!

Get Fit, Get in Shape with Bikram Yoga



Summer fun is just around the corner! Are you ready?

Bikram Yoga will help you get in shape, physically and mentally, whether your favorite outdoor activity is swimming, hiking, biking, golf or something else. 

There's still plenty of time to reap the benefits of consistent practice so you can have a great summer.


Please check out our 10 Day Challenge, Special rates for School students, and June Special. We look forward to seeing all your happy smiling faces in class.




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ten10 Day Challenge



10 Classes in 10 DaysGet in Shape
Get Fit, Get in Shape!
- Sign up at the front desk before you start the challenge.
- Start your challenge any day before June 20th
- Take 10 classes in 10 days!
- Complete the challenge and get 10% off  towards your next regularly priced class package purchase!
- 1 double allowed during the 10 days
QAQ & A Session




June 29, 2013

Fine Tune Your Practice


Join us for a FREE Q&A with BYP teachers.  Spend an hour with fellow yogis asking questions about postures and fine-tune your practice. This is open to beginners as well as experienced practitioners. 


2:30pm - 3:30pm 

Saturday 06/29/2013


Stay for 4pm class and implement your new knowledge into PRACTICE!  

studentSpecial Rates for Students




$99 for monthly unlimited

$99 for 10 class card 

(expires in 3 months)


For Students and Under 22 Years Old



MonthSpecialSpecial of the Month


3 Month Unlimited

$90 Savings compared to 3x monthly unlimited


30 Class Card

Expires in 6 months

$210 Savings compared to 30 single classes


15 Class Card

Expires in 5 months

$70 Savings compared to 15 single classes


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Offer Valid until 06/30/2013

testimonialTestimonial - Savasana is my nemesis

Lisa Takeuchi Cullen


That's a lie; every pose kicks my sore butt. Awkward pose was never meant to look this awkward. It took me two years of regular practice to even attempt standing head-to-knee. If a pose is easy, I figure I'm doing it wrong. The day I lock my knees will be the day I eat my shorts.


But savasana is hardest of all. It's not just the physical difficulty of emulating a corpse. For me, the Olympic-level hurdle is clearing my mind.


"Empty your thoughts," the teacher says. "Clear your mind and think of nothing but your breath." It's like being told, "Stop thinking about elephants." Now you can't picture anything but.


Savasana is when I make lists. Grocery lists, to-do lists, wish lists. Savasana is NOT when I should make lists. I have to remind myself of this every time.


Savasana, after all, is the one pose I need to master. As a working mom, and moreover as a writer, I desperately need those few minutes of meditation. And when by some small miracle I do achieve it, the results are nothing short of remarkable. 


It is during those occasional moments of clarity that a line of dialogue or a solution to a tricky plot problem comes to me. When that happens, it's like I hear a choir of angels. I want to break into a happy dance and shout, "Eureka!" But that would be weird. 


Like many of us, I came to Bikram yoga at a tumultuous time in my life. I had just had my second child. I had just quit my longtime career as a journalist and embarked on a new and risky one writing fiction. Both my parents had just died.


That was three and a half years ago. InCover the time since, yoga has often felt like the only constant in my life. Three times a week for ninety minutes, my foremost focus is staying in the room and not falling on my face. And someday, with practice and no small bit of faith, I'll no longer consider savasana my nemesis but my friend.


Lisa Takeuchi Cullen is the author of Pastors' Wives, a new novel from Penguin/Plume, and The Ordained, a 2013 CBS drama pilot. Previously, she was a staff writer for Time magazine. Please follow her on Facebook, on Twitter @lisacullen, and visit her website atwww.lisacullen.com.

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Come practice in Bergen County's ONLY CERTIFIED Bikram Yoga studio conveniently located between 10th Street and Bergen Blvd behind the A&P Liquor Store with ample parking space.    


Unlike other typical hot yoga studios, this immaculately clean, state of the art facility offers a spacious yoga room (1,200+ square feet), locker rooms, three showers for ladies and two for men.