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"The movements of the mind are resolved through a balance of practice and non-attachment."

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Yoga Therapist Credentialing News 
The International Association for Yoga Therapist (IAYT) expect to open the application process for IAYT certification as a yoga therapist (C-IAYT) in June 2016. 
There are three (3) eligible pathways by which you may qualify for IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT):
  • Graduates of IAYT accredited yoga therapist training programs, or
  • Eligible for grandparenting with formal training and experience, or
  • Eligible for grandparenting as a seasoned yoga therapist
To learn which eligible pathway is best for you, we recommend that you read the IAYT  Grandparenting and Certification guidelines carefully.  A quick resource is the IAYT Eligibility Pathways Chart for becoming certified and the requirements.
The Grandparenting guidelines are now final.  Please note they have changed since they were originally released. Please see number 4 below, which list the changes that may pertain to you.  If you choose the pathway - "eligible for grandparenting with formal training and experience" you will need to provide the following documentation to IAYT .
1. Application
2. RYT 200 or equivalent
3. Training log and documentation (including evidence of completion from a formal Yoga Therapy program). For IYT'rs that would be your 300, 800 or 1000 hour certificate.  We will provide you with the competencies covered so that you can fill out the training log.
4. Client contact hours log with 150-client contact hours listed. Originally the requirement was 150 hours mentored practicum. In September IAYT released new guidelines, which do not mention the mentored practicum.  The new requirement is proof of 150-client contact hours. This is time you spent with clients in either individual or group Yoga Therapy sessions. Be sure to include all the time spent with clients during the Internship. We estimate the time spent with clients during the Internship to be 120 hours. The hours may vary depending on length of session and time spent on assessment. My guess is that many of you have exceeded the 150-hour requirement. Please review what counts as client contact hours in the IAYT   Grandparenting guidelines.
5. Yoga resume
6. All applicants for IAYT certification must be a current IAYT member and agree to the IAYT Code of Ethics.
  • Please read the IAYT Grandparenting  andCertification guidelines carefully.
  • If you are applying under Grandparenting, begin to gather documentation of your yoga therapist training and experience.
  • Time sensitive: IAYT will be accepting Grandparenting applications through June 2017.  Click to review C-IAYT critical dates .
  • IAYT will be accepting applications for the (C-IAYT) from graduates of the 800-hour IAYT accredited program continuously.
  • Keep specific records of your clinical experience as a yoga therapist and as an educator of yoga therapists. You will need to keep track of client contact hours. The hours you spend with clients during the Internship will count. Start logging your hours. Download logs to track your hour by clicking:                         Individual Session Log  and Group Session Log
  • We will provide you with the training hours breakdown to complete the training chart.
  • Become an IAYT member, if you're not already a member. New information is released to members as it becomes available.
  • If you have any questions please attend one of the Q&A phone meetings to be scheduled in January.
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The IYT Team

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