March 2015 
Exploring Yoga Therapy's Future: Yoggram Natural Healing Center

After Yogpeeth, we go on to the Yoggram Natural Healing Center, which is also part of Swami Ramdev's organization. The principal healing modalities are Yoga and Naturapthy. Yoggram is the largest healing center of its kind in the world with capacity of up to five hundred patients. We went to Yoggram as care receivers to experience the healing process first hand.


The first thing that stands out about Yoggram is the grounds. It is nestled in the Himalayan foothills and bordered by a national park. The air is fresh, and in the North Indian winter, the sky is a clear, bright blue.


There are wide boulevards lined with flower beds with an incredible variety of colors and shapes. The flowers are so much a part of the experience that we describe Yoggram as a "flower therapy" center.


We receive initial assessments from a Naturopathic physician and are given a daily treatment routine. The day begins early in the morning with a hot drink according to each person's prescription, followed by Yoga and meditation. Each person has a diet card, and as we go through the food line, we receive only the appropriate items. We were on a detox program, so each day our food quantity decreased. By the third day, we received just a few chunks of papaya. The last day was complete fasting, with only hot water with honey and lemon. Interestingly, because of the daily decrease in the amount of food we received, the fasting day was relatively effortless. 



Each person receives two treatments per day. Each person's program is unique, but the treatments are given in mass. The massage room is a row of twenty tables side by side. The therapists go down the row delivering the treatments like an assembly line. This scale is necessary because Yoggram's rates are so reasonable. Our room has a separate living room and a shower with a steam sauna for fifty dollars per day, which includes treatments and meals. Most of the programming is in Hindi, so we could not participate in all the activities, but, because we read Sanskrit, we were able to find our way around.


At the end of the four days, we leave Yoggram several pounds lighter in both mind and body, filled with the beauty of the Himalayan foothills and the colors of the flower therapy! We finish our journey in India in with many adventures in Rishikesh, but that is another story for another update.





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