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Explorers Every day, we hear on the news about teens fighting, stealing, getting into drugs or worse. You rarely hear about the 'good' kids  making a positive difference in the world.

I'm here to tell you how lucky I am to work with young adults that really do care. I'm a proud Post Leader of the Central Bucks Ambulance Explorer Post 125. Along with 5 other adult leaders, we have over 15 kids ranging in age from 14-21 interested in Emergency Medical Services along with other Public Safety topics.

Every Wednesday evening, they give of their time to learn patient assessments, how to deal with trauma, mass casualty incidents and more. We invite guest speakers and go on trips. And as a branch of the boy scouts, we provide first aid standbys for their events.

I say 'my kids' because I feel like a very proud parent when I talk about them. Many have received awards from the scouts as well as the community. They are explorer gold rushdedicated, smart and respectful. So if you need a boost in your teen barometer, visit us and see for yourself!

In fact, they also want to help out their community and will be building an above ground garden. The vegetables they grow will be donated to the United Way. We sure could use your help with building materials, seeds and plants. If you're able to donate in any way, please feel free to contact me.

And if you're not doing anything on a Wednesday night, come and join us. Really!!!

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horizon World Wide Web
Like so many years ago, if you were a legitimate business, you needed to be in the Yellow Pages. Today, to present yourself as a professional, you truly need a website so your potential clients can see the types of services you offer.

Horizon Custom Builder is no different. Having had a successful business for over 35 years, they realized that having their own website provided them with another marketing tool to show off their services in:
  • New Home Construction -- including 
    • community maps
    • floor plans 
  • Renovations
  • Commercial Property

This new and exciting website takes advantage of our ability to provide changing headers, rotating banners and to really show off their products and services, a photo gallery! We even included a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.


Visit Horizon Custom Builders to see what we can do for your website! 


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peregrine uPeregrine "U" 
Slogans and Taglines -- Help your customer remember you

blog slogans Here are some favorites
* "Our donuts are baked fresh"
* "Our coffee is brewed fresh"

Of course they are! It's hard to bake a stale donut or brew stale coffee. But you sure can bake a lousy tasting donut or brew the worst pot of coffee known to man.

Don't tell us the obvious...tell us something we'll remember. Learn more about Slogans and Taglines in our Peregrine "U" blog!

This is the 7th article in a new blog series Peregrine University. These include:
  • What is Marketing?
  • What's in a Business Name
  • What's in a Logo?
  • Getting Out of Your Own Way 
  • Build it and They Will Come...NOT
  • Why Business Cards are so important
  • Slogans and Tag Lines
  • And more

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Graphics Design excel mug
Product Layouts

Want to see how a full color mug would look with your logo and graphics? Or what about lettering your vehicle before we put vinyl to metal?

With the use of great graphics and photos and software like Photoshop, we can meld ideas together so you can see how something will look before you commit your dollars.

Here we take Excel Document Solutions' new logo along with a great picture of a large digital printer and add it to a nice coffee mug.

We then take each element and 'warp' the graphics to match the curvature of the mug's top, bottom and sides. This way, it looks much more natural. The final touch is adding a filter that lets the 'highlights' of the mug show through.

And there you have it!

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