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Sit back, take a minute out of your busy day and just feel good!

I don't make it a habit to forward links to YouTube or other sites, but every once in a while, something just hits you in this world that you just want, no, NEED to share.

This is one of those times. Even though it's a commercial -- and you wish it wasn't -- it's so well done. It will pull at your heart but in the end, putting the 'sell' aside, it will make you think.

So sit back and relax. And let's appreciate what we have...

Oh, and by the way, even though it snowed this past week...
Happy Spring!!!

Pass this on...
SHF web World Wide Web
When's the last time you looked at your old, tired website and realized it needs a make-over. That's exactly what Steak and Hoagie Factory did!

The updated website offers:
  • A much cleaner look than before
  • There's a cool diamond plate background that expands 
  • Easier navigation -- we considered the way folks visit the website and changed the order and names of some of the navigation buttons
  • It's now much easier to find online coupons, store menus and maps to each location
  • We added a mouth-watering rotating header showing off a delicious Italian hoagie and steak sandwich! 
Check out their new site. And if you haven't signed up for their weekly specials/eNewsletters, you'll want to do that too. The coupons are great and the food is even better!

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peregrine uPeregrine "U" 
Business Cards - Your First Impression

blog-bc For less than 10 a piece, Business Cards can be the least expensive form of Advertising and Marketing for you. So make sure it's done in a professional manner.

This is not where you go cheap, design-it-yourself or even print them off your inkjet. Quality stock with professional printing will get you noticed. Learn more here...

This is the sixth in a new blog series Peregrine University. These include:
  • What is Marketing?
  • What's in a Business Name
  • What's in a Logo?
  • Getting Out of Your Own Way 
  • Build it and They Will Come...NOT
  • Why Business Cards are so important
  • Slogans and Tag Lines
  • And more

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Graphics Design Primodie
James Primodie Landscaping * (215) 450-0870

James is a young entrepreneur that started his own successful landscaping business two years ago.

He needed Business Cards, Truck Signs, T-shirts and Direct Mail (EDDM) Post Cards. So it was vital that we create his logo to be unique to James Primodie Landscaping.

As with most graphics, it's imperative that it can be enlarged (think banners and signs) without any loss of quality. This usually means logos based on photos won't work well.

So, after we found a tree photo he liked, we converted it into what we call vector artwork. From there, we can make it any color and it will enlarge and reduce to any size without loss of quality.

Of course, if we're creating something like his new Direct Mail Post Cards, we're able to use the original photograph in the creative.

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