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In any relationship, there must be trust. There can't be a question. There can't be a maybe. There can't be any doubt.

Pitch your business to 10 different marketing/advertising agencies and you'll get 10 different proposals. Some way out in left or right field, but most will be in the middle. Even those that might deliver the same concept, will have completely different creatives.

So how do you choose? Trust. When I have a decision to make, I listen to the voices in my head. Yup, they're there!
  1. The one in my head gives me the logical answer that looks good by the numbers and makes the most sense
  2. The one in my heart tells me the warm and fuzzy 
  3. But it's my gut feeling that offers up what makes the most sense and just feels right
Just as we need to trust our clients that they have faith in what we offer, do your customers feel the same about you? Do they like the way your team works with them? Are you honest, upfront and don't 'yes' them? Are they excited when they see you or your staff?

It works in all relationships, whether business or personal. And once you build trust, don't lose it! So keep listening to all those voices ...they're there for a reason!


Barbara and I would like to wish all of you and your family and friends a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

np webWorld Wide Web
Our latest in eCommerce offerings! Check out's new website -- ready to sell "Only the Best of the Best Products for Motorcycles"!

The site is specifically designed for those looking to sell products on the internet with an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) that allows for uploads of images and text and even links to YouTube videos! It also includes:
  • Shipping alternatives -- tie into your accounts with UPS and more
  • Tax for specific states
  • Coupons -- for one item to the entire site
  • Sales on items or entire categories
  • Rotating banners that can be linked

NP thumb Another service provided to was Facebook advertising. Within 4 weeks, they have over 2,500 true likes!!! 


Visit them today...'like' them on Facebook. And if you sign up for their FREE eNewsletters, you'll get 10% OFF your first order!!!

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peregrine uPeregrine "U" 
What's in your logo?

blog logos I'm glad you asked...Think of AT&T, McDonalds, Apple or even The YMCA. Do you know where the names and logos came from? Do you know what the letters in YMCA or AT&T stand for? Or where McDonalds got it's name?

Doesn't really matter does it? When we see a graphic of a bite out of the side of a fruit, we know we're looking at some cool, technological stuff that sometimes plays great music through 'white' earbuds.  Read more...

This is the third in a new blog series Peregrine University. These include:
  • What is Marketing?
  • What's in a Business Name
  • What's in a Logo?
  • Getting Out of Your Own Way 
  • Build it and They Will Come...NOT
  • Why Business Cards are so important
  • Slogans and Tag Lines
  • And more

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rescue thumb Graphics Design
Trevose Fire Department

Trevose Fire Department wanted to do special full color shirts for their Open House during Fire Prevention week. With their latest Rescue, the idea was to combine old truck photos while highlighting their newest addition.

rescue shirtWe professionally photographed Rescue 4 at several angles to the camera as well as the best angles for the sun and shadows. We then 'masked' out the background -- knocking out everything in the picture except the truck. Then added the other two vehicles along with some 3D lettering and the full color images were complete!

These shirts were sold as fund raisers along with another shirt for their original Tanker!

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