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Irony at it's best ...and worst!

After getting home Monday evening, Barbara informed me that the right fog light on the Durango was out.

Reaching under/behind the bumper, I was able to find the lamp socket, 1/4 turn twist and out came the bulb. Much to my chagrin, the bulb had shattered within the fog light housing. The front glass of the housing had been cracked for a few years, but was now filled with condensation, the glass was dirty and the remains of the bulb were in the bottom. So I thought it was a good time to replace the entire assembly. But, with today's manufactured vehicles, what used to take minutes can now take hours.

I spent the next 1.5 hours, in the dark with a flashlight, under/over/behind the bumper and wheel well trying to determine how to remove the entire housing. I found only one, tiny, thin screw that appeared to hold this glass domed bugger to over 4,000 lbs of metal! Of course, while attempting to remove said screw, the torx head stripped! The tools had nothing to bite on, so I still had 2 tons of metal to remove from around my precious fog lamp! Different tools, drilled heads, several failed ideas in the dark and finally, a filed down, oversized metal screw was used to drive the screw back to its original position. The thought of just replacing the bulb itself was getting to be a much brighter idea!

The next morning, I spent about another hour or so (don't tell the boss) surfing the net, looking for videos and how-to's on replacing the entire light package. Amazing how many videos are out there -- for every stinking vehicle except your own! Many a drawing for everyone else but you. And just how many PDF manuals you can download that show you absolutely nothing!

My next step? Call in a favor. A client works at a local Auto Dealer in the repair shop. A call to him and he proceeded to call three of his buddies in the Dodge department. 'Do you need to take off the bumper or its facia, to replace a fog light assembly?' Simple question to those that work on Durangos -- or you would imagine. Their answers? In Unison? "We don't think so..." Really?

That night, Barbara and I went to the mall. I hadn't placed the order for the fog light yet and wanted to check out some local auto parts stores to get pricing and if necessary, to place an order. So I did want to get back home sooner than later. I would soon learn all those hours spent on my back, behind the wheel well, in front of a bumper with flashlight in hand and time spent surfing the internet, was all for naught.

As we walked out to the parking lot, we heard two women screaming and yelling at each other. I'm thinking, wow, a cat fight! But as we got closer, Barbara realized they were shouting about hitting other cars and that's when we realized it, yup, my blessed SUV was struck! And where? You guessed it, full on the front right bumper!!! Right where the fog light...err...was.

Durango A mom was teaching her daughter how to navigate parking spaces and the young driver hit the gas instead of the brake. Not only did she take out her mom's car and my SUV, but the vehicle next to hers. And as you can see, that missing round spot on the lower fender? That's where the fog light housing used to live. Right there, directly in the path.

We had to have it towed...and to add insult to injury, after it was pulled onto the flat bed, what did I notice on the floor, just underneath the hood of the vehicle? The fog light assembly. How does a round assembly give you the...well, you know...a proper send off? It found a way...

World Wide Web
OOS Order of Speed
What happens when you get three young men together that are driven to excellence, who absolutely love cars? Order of Speed!

Filled with articles and photographs from local events to as far as they can travel, OOS offers the car aficionado in all of us the chance to see the latest in the shiny world of automobiles.

This site is a 'blog' based website that provides an easy way to write articles, upload photos, edit them and let all their followers offer updated comments all through an easy-to-use interface.

Visit them today...and don't forget to 'like' them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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peregrine uPeregrine "U" 
How Important is your Company's Name?

blog business name Do you know the story behind Xerox? How about McDonalds or Volvo?

If you aren't familiar with a business, does your name reveal the services and products you offer? Is it too cute? Smack of too much ego? Do you use words like 'Best', 'Quality' or even 'Professional'? And what about choosing a name that has an available domain as well? Read more...

This is the second in a new blog series Peregrine University. These include
  • What is Marketing?
  • What's in a Business Name
  • What's in a Logo?
  • Getting Out of Your Own Way 
  • Build it and They Will Come...NOT
  • Why Business Cards are so important
  • Slogans and Tag Lines
  • And more

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npmoto thumbs Graphics Design

Nick was looking to rebrand his entire company with a new website, new logo and new videos.

The original logo we created several years ago included a motorcycle graphic. This time around, with the new name, he wanted the logo to say it all -- with simplicity and classy colors.

As always, the logo needs to look good B&W first. Then we added some color and finally, as you can see below, jazzed it with 3D effects. He loved it and so do his existing and new clients!

Visit his website. We'll highlight the eCommerce based site in next month's Flight of the Peregrine!

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