September 2013 

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Seriously?!?!?! Costco xmas

From what I was told, these holiday decorations were already out two weeks prior to when I took this picture! Over two months before Black Friday!

I thought it was bad enough when you saw this stuff in Target right after Halloween. What are we teaching our kids? What about how special the holidays are supposed to be? How commercial can you make it?

There ought to be a law...Seriously!

World Wide Web
warrington dental Warrington Dental
Located in the Warrington Shopping Center (Easton and Bristol Roads), they offer all types of General Dentistry as well as specialty services.

Their previous website was costing $75/month for hosting! With our monthly of only $15, the savings were obvious. After a complete makeover using our Content Management System, updates to the site will be easy to maintain.

We also provided Design & Layout for an Every Door Direct Mail campaign. So far, they've had 13 new clients! Tie that into their Facebook and it's a winning combination for marketing!

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peregrine uPeregrine "U" 
What is Marketing?

blog-marketing That's a great question. Here's where you'll usually see, 'According to Webster'...except in today's electronic world, how many folks actually know who (or what) Webster is?

I could of course go the Wiki route, but let's not bother with that either. Remember, just because it's on the Internet doesn't make it real. Remember the 'How many spiders someone actually eats in a year' story? Yea, go look it up, the real story. Read more...

This is the first in a new blog series Peregrine University. In the future, you'll learn about
  • What's in a Business Name
  • What's in a Logo?
  • Getting Out of Your Own Way 
  • Build it and They Will Come...NOT
  • Why Business Cards are so important
  • Slogans and Tag Lines
  • And more

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North Shore Graphics Design
North Shore First Aid and Safety

Rich from North Shore contacted us looking for a logo design. They're located in Massachusetts.

After looking through some of our logo samples on our website, he saw one that he liked and asked we use that as the basis for his new company. Being in EMS, it just made sense to add the outer border, which makes it look more like a patch -- that so many in Emergency Services have sewn onto our uniforms.

After a few font changes along with color selections, the final 'flat' color version (top) was approved. Then, we jazzed it up with 3D effects.

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