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Silicon Dragon Talk: Is China Winning The Tech Race?
Silicon Dragon Talk: Is China Winning The Tech Race?
with guests Hans Tung of GGV Capital and
Chris Evedemon of Sinovation Ventures

Is China wining the tech race? Silicon Dragon recently posed this question to Hans Tung of GGV Capital and Chris Evdemon of Sinovation Ventures, These two top venture capital leaders doing US-China deals contend it's not a race but more like a relay. 
Read Forbes post, Tech Race.

Kai-Fu Lee
Kai-Fu Lee's freshly raised $674 million in capital for his renamed Chinese venture investor group Sinovation Ventures signifies a steady progression of China's tech economy over the past decade even as China venture fund raising has hit a three-year low.
 Read Forbes post, Sinovation

Alex Zhu Shanghai-based social music and video startup made news in the New York Times for reaching more than 100 million users, most of them teen-agers, in just two years since its start in 2014. 
Co-founder Alex Zhu is speaking September 22 at Silicon Dragon Shanghai 2016

How will mass adoption of virtual reality disrupt media and Alvin Wang Graylin advertising?  Alvin Wang Graylin, HTC China Regional President of Vive, explains how mass adoption of VR will make all other media obsolete. That adoption is probably going to start in China. Graylin is speaking at 

Tencent is buying a majority stake in China Music Corp., increasing its stake from 16 percent to 60 percent. The deal creates an Internet streaming media giant and makes Tencent the leading music streaming service.  

Sequoia Capital, ZhenFund and Huasheng Capital, the fund put together by China Renaissance Partners, jointly invested in Hero Entertainment, a Chinese mobile online game company. 

 Online payment service provider PayU has acquired its rival Citrus Pay in a $130 million. Sequoia Capital was an early backer of Citrus Pay.

Amazon In India Amazon is winning the e-commerce market share battle in India but not without costs. The U.S. brand is burning $10 million a month in India as it seeks to further expand after a strong entry.
Amazon has overtaken domestic brand leader Flipkart. But Ash Lilani, a venture capitalist with Saama Capital and backer of Flipkart, says the battle is not over yet. He sees the market consolidating into fewer players with Flipkart and Snapdeal as two of the national survivors as they cut burn rates and trim distribution. 

Lumos founder
Silicon Dragon met with Eu-wing Ding, co-founder of Lumos, maker of a smart bicycle helmet with integrated lights, brake, and turn signals. Lumos is starting up in Hong Kong to be close to factories in China to protoype and produce the helmets. 
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