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Sept. 22

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Silicon Dragon Shanghai 2016
   China 3.0: VR, AI, Unicorns, Deals, Global Reach

Shanghai features



James Mi
Lightspeed China
Ron Cao
Sky9 Capital
Harry Man
Matrix Capital China
Joe Chang
Eight Roads Ventures (Fidelity)

VR Leaders
Alvin Wang Graylin
Arvid Wang
Archer Li
Tech Chat
Alex Zhu
Co-founder, Co-CEO
Female Powers
September 22 
5:00 - 8:30pm

JW Marriott 
Tomorrow Square

October 5

China Tech
Goes Mainstream:
Uber > Apple > Didi


Bay Area Features

Hans Tung

 GGV Capital

Tim Chang

Jay Eum

TransLink Capital
Chris Evdemon

Innovation Works
Yong Liu

 WI Harper

 VR Sector Outlook

 Tim Merel
Allen DeBevoise
Third Wave Digital



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  Tim Cook in China Tim Cook debuted plans to open a R&D center in China for Apple within the next year, a move that seemingly endorses China's climb up the innovation ladder. His visit, the second in China within four months, comes as U.S. tech brands, including Apple, continue to face challenges in entering the large Chinese market.

It's back to business as usual for Nasdaq-listed, China social app Momo as a go-private deal that included Matrix Partners China and Sequoia Capital China has been withdrawn. is one Chinese startup that is mastering a China-to-U.S. pathway with its app that combines social media and music. gets around China's walled-off Internet and goes directly to Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook. 
China Olympian Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui made headlines at this year's Rio Olympics by being one of the first Chinese athletes to take the Olympic Games as lightly as games.  

Tencent and Phoenix Capital have led a $226 million, third round financing of Douyu TV, a leader in China's live streaming platform market for gamers. 

Sequoia Capital China has led a $30 million funding of big data firm MiningLamp in Beijing, founded in 2014 by former Lucent and HP software engineer Shicong Feng.

 India's leading rival to social messaging service WhatsAp, Hike, has raised a mega sum of $175 million from Tencent, the makers of China's leading  WeChat, at a $1.4 billion valuation. The deal echoes what's been happening with cross-market China-India deals in the ride sharing app market focused on Didi in China and Ola in India.  
Accel India, one of the country's leading venture investors, is reportedly planning to raise $500 million for a fifth India fund.  


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Silicon Dragon Tech Chat 
Steve Hoffman Founders Space ranks as a leading accelerator for startups coming to Silicon Valley from overseas. Now, it's moving into Shanghai, the accelerator's first overseas location. Steve Hoffman, Founder and CEO, or "Captain Hoff" says of China: 
"There are so many opportunities right now in China, I feel like I'm in an all-you-can-eat buffet where I am just tempted to grab way too many dishes!" 
This Q&A interview highlights his views on Chinese startups and his plans for China.   



Tourist Time in the Valley


Facebook fun  

Posing in front of Facebook headquarters. Believe it or not, this instantly recognizable brand logo attracts tourists from all over the world. There's even a line to take photos! Don't look behind though. You'll spot a sign for Sun Microsystems, a relic of its past glory here.