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Hong Kong skyscape
Hong Kong 
April 14

The Rising Stars of Asia:
Founders & Investors Forum
 Venue: Ocean View Court, Cyberport
Christine Aum Pocket Sun Tim Chae
  Aaron Lee Jenny Lee Eric Chen
  Chevy Beh Terence Kwok Guan Dian 
 Thomas Tsao Jeffrey Paine James Bonsor Cen
  Shalini Sujanani Egidio Zarrella

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Silicon Dragon Sponsors
KPMG, Cooley, Cyberport
And Supporters

Forbes AsiaStartup Asia

Beijing, April 28
Sanlitun Soho  
A Tipping Point
for Beijing Tech
 featuring VCs Hans Tung, Anna Fang, Rui Ma,
Akio Tanaka 

Silicon Dragon
Event Series 2016
Sydney, May 31  
New York, June 23 
Los Angeles, July 27-28
Shanghai, September 15
Silicon Valley, October 6
Awards, November 17
Tel Aviv, December 1

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AAMA Silicon Valley Dinner
March 22, 6-9pm
Los Altos

GMIC - Tel Aviv
March 22
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Geeks on a Plane
April 5-16 

19th Harvard China Forum
April 8-10

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Zuck in Beijing

How Far Will He Go?

Mark Zuckerberg continues his quest to woo China, jogging past the Forbidden City on a day when Beijing's notoriously high air quality index measured above 300, a level considered hazardous. 
He also had a meeting with China propaganda chief  Liu Yunshan to discuss Internet regulation. Will China unblock Facebook, and if so, when?

Taiwan's entrepreneurs    
Silicon Dragon Taipei 2016

James O'Claire, Bubbleye, Vivian Wang, Sasson Capital; Shawn Guan, Umbo CV; Christopher Hugentobler, Snapask, Rebecca Fannin, Silicon Dragon; Anita Huang, Taiwan Startup Stadium

Carman Chan, Peter Hsieh Kay-Mok Ku David Wu
Carman Chan, Click Ventures; Peter Hsieh, Acorn Pacific Partners; Rebecca Fannin; David Wu, Leopard Mobile

York Chen, RF, Vivian angel investors Appier, AlumVest
York Chen, iD TechVentures, Vivian Wang, Sasson Capital; Tina Cheng, Cherubic Ventures; Edward Chyau, Mesh Ventures, Heidi Huang, KPMG; Carman Chan, Click Ventures; Winnie Lee, Appier; Arthur Chen, AlumVest 

See More Taipei Event Photos Here: Recap March 17
                Taiwan Coverage

Can Taiwan Get Back On The Tech Map?
 Forbes, March 6, 2016  
Can Taiwan get back on the tech map with a fresh outlook on new kinds of startups? The answer could be yes, at least judging from early indications of efforts underway to jumpstart Taiwan's tech economy.

How Long Will Fear Of Failure Outweigh Fear Of Missing Out?
Forbes, March 20, 2016
While more capital is coming into this tech-intensive market, there's still a gap. It's not because of a lack of talent. It's related to culture. Taiwan is a relaxed place - and the food and hospitality are great!

Matt Cheng Cherubic Ventures launches $120M fund to invest seed capital in China, Southeast Asia and U.S. tech startups

Altos team     
Altos Ventures  debuts $110 million fund
to back Korean Startups 
* Cisco investing $110 million to connect India
* Vertex invests $5 million in InstaRem in Singapore
* Tencent Inks Studio Deal in Shanghai
* Sequoia, Lightspeed Put $11 million in Alooma in Tel Aviv
* Goldman Sachs+ inject $28M in Vietnamese startup Momo
China Billionaires Top U.S., 568 to 535
Beijing Replaces NY As Billionaire Capital of the World  
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Berkeley event panel
  Peter Schwartz,; Christina Laskowski,
Science & Technology Advisory Council;  
John Britton, Woods Bagot with moderator Rebecca Fannin
at the Berkeley Haas Business Asia Conference in
San Francisco.

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