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Tel Aviv
Dec. 2, 2015
Silicon Dragon
 Explores the Strategic Links Between
Startup Nations
Israel and China:
* VC fund raising
* Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent 
deals with Israeli startups
* Cross-border M&A deals 
R&D collaboration
* Market expansion
*  Breakthrough Innovations


Gilad Novik, Horizons Ventures
Ronen Nir, Carmel Ventures
Kobi Rozengarten, JVP
Zvi Shalgo, China Synergy
Dovi Ollech, Emerge
Jon Medved, OurCrowd
William Bao Bean, SOSVentures
Net Jacobsson, SparkLabs
Howard J. Krongard,
China Investment Group
Lionel Friedfeld,
Israel Asia Fund

Ilan Maor, SHENG Enterprises
Ziv Wassercug, Tadmor-Levy
Hillel Schuster, KPMG
Danny Shacham, IronSource
Ziv Tamir, ZDev Medical
Avi Luvton, OCS


Dror Pearl, IBM Israel
Oded Salomy, Visa Europe
Ariella Grinberg, GM

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China-Israel Linkups Spell More
Opportunity Than Risk
It's long been said that Chinese and Israeli culture is alike - entrepreneurial, hard-working, family oriented and spiritual.
Now these two leading startup nations are coming closer together in the venture capital and technology innovation world and advancing the potential for disruptive breakthroughs.
Chinese investment is flooding into Israel's venture capital funds and high-tech companies. This year, some $500 million worth of high-tech financing and $750 million of VC capital will include at least one Chinese investor, estimates IVC Research Center.  As many as 80 Israeli companies and 11 Israeli venture capital funds have raised money from China sources, most of it since 2011. The trend line is definitely upward. China-Israeli tech deals totaled $300 million in 2014, up from $50 million in 2013. 
Chinese companies are scouring Israel in search of leading edge technology that can complement the Mainland's own strengths as a rising innovation nation. This parallels a hunt by Chinese tech titans in Silicon Valley for the
 next new thing.
Israeli companies are looking to China for market expansion opportunities. Both countries are leveraging their scientific and research knowhow and joining together to enhance progress in a next generation of technology.
China flag

Silicon Dragon Talk:
The BAT are Buying
Silicon Valley's Status As Tech Central Globally Is Shrinking As Asia Rises
In a clear sign of the increasing globalization of tech innovation, business leaders predict that Silicon Valley will lose its status as the world's leading hub before the next decade. That's according to a new survey by KPMG of more than 800 technology industry executives globally.
See KPMG 2015 Global Technology Innovation Survey, a report that Silicon Dragon founder Rebecca Fannin contributes to annually as lead writer.  
Nearly half of those surveyed forecast that Silicon Valley will be surpassed within the next four years. That compares to 37 percent just two years ago.
Which markets are gaining? Asia, primarily, with Japan, China and India in the lead. Not to be left out are South Korea and Singapore

Ola's Big $500M Intake Fuels Its Engines To Keep A Lead In India

 Tuniu To Do $500M Deal With Beijing Hotel Group
In Heated Rivalry For
China's Online Travel Market

Ola Cabs Founder
Rebecca Fannin with Ola Cabs founder
 Bhavish Aggarwal

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