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Silicon Dragon
Shanghai 2014
Amir Gal-Or, 
Infinity Group
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Highland Capital
Duane Kunang,
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James Liu,
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SYDNEY 2014:
August 21
Matt Barrie
 Keynote speaker Matt Barrie, CEO,
Closing The Finance Gap for AUS Startups
Jeffrey Paine
Founding Partner, Golden Gate Ventures
Ann Parker, Co-founder,
Telstra's muru-D
Peter Hyunh, Director,
Optus-Innov8 Seed
Daniel Bennett, Managing Director, OurCrowd
Niki Scevak
Managing Director 
Blackbird Ventures  
Tony Holt,
Co-founder / Partner
Square Peg Capital
Kurt Falkenstein,
Chairman & Partner,
General Standards
Rebecca Fannin,
Founder, Silicon Dragon
Tech Chats
Phil Bosua, Founder & CEO, LIFX Labs
Jodie Fox, Co-founder & CCO, Shoes of Prey

Emil Davityan

Co-Founder, Exec Dir.


Stephane Ibos, Co-founder & CEO, Maestrano

Ross Wright, Co-founder,

ZED Technologies

Jaime Conyngham,

Co-founder, Tapit


Commentators/ Moderators

Michael Bailey, Editor, BRW; Jana Matthews, Director, UniSA Centre for Business Growth; James Riley, Founder & Mng. Editor,; Rose Powell, Reporter, Sydney Morning Herald;

James Alexander, Co-founder, Incubate; Caitlin Fitzsimmons, Deputy Editor, BRW


Welcome Remarks: Peter Mercieca,

Partner & Lead, TMT, KPMG

  Location: KPMG Executive Offices
15th floor
10 Shelley Street
Time: 5-9pm 
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Silicon Dragon 2014 Global Events

August 21, Sydney
October 2,
November 13, Awards
November 20, Bangalore
VALLEY 2014  
Check the all-star VCs speaking at our annual
Silicon Dragon Valley 2014: 
Tim Draper, DFJ
Jay Eum,
Translink Capital
Hans Tung,
GGV Capital
and tech startups invested in by Alibaba:
Eric Setton, Tango
Thiur Arnuachalm, Peel




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Silicon Dragon Talk

Silicon Dragon Talk Guests


8-15 show: Sizing Up Alibaba

Nazar Yasin, Rise Capital

David Williams, Willams Capital

Jay Eum, Translink Capital


7-14 show: 'Chinovation' 

Hans Tung, GGV Capital

Eric Feng, Flipboard

Geoff Yang, Redpoint Ventures

Host: Rebecca Fannin


Silicon Dragon Talk


We launched the show in July, and we're looking forward to doing more programs from the Silicon Valley studio at DingDingTV. Stay tuned!  Check out our YouTube channel, Silicon Dragon, for more videos.



Alibaba Could Write $5B Checks for U.S. Tech Startups


Alibaba's IPO is set to have a big impact be on U.S. tech M&A deals and future listings from venture-backed China startups on Wall Street.

Referred to as the WalMart of China for its heft, the public listing of Alibaba will give it a huge treasure chest to acquire more U.S. tech startups and possibly write $5 billion to $10 billion checks, says venture capitalist Nazar Yasin of Rise Capital. Since 2013, Alibaba has invested in nine U.S. tech startups in deals valued at $968 million, according to investment banker David Williams.

VC Jay Eum of Translink Capital, which has seen three of its portfolio companies (Peel, Tango and Quixey) get acquired by the Chinese e-commerce giant, says he has been "super-impressed" by Alibaba as a strategic investor. He pointed to fairly generous deal teams and alignment with management to mutual benefit as two advantages.

The IPO of Alibaba, predicted to be the biggest in the tech sector, could lead to many more venture-backed Chinese startups to go public on Wall Street. This year, China IPOs have rebounded to 10 after a two-year slump.

See Silicon Dragon Talk, Sizing Up Alibaba.


Tech Bubble or Revolution? 

VCs Hans Tung, Eric Feng and Geoff Yang agree the good times are far from over while fundamental shifts in innovation will keep coming. Click July 14 episode of  Silicon Dragon Talk

Innovation cycles have sped up and capital investment requirements have declined to the point that new products can be churned out in a couple of months with less than $5 million today, said Feng, who is leading Flipboard's expansion in China. 

 The stock market has its inevitable ups and downs, but it's hard to argue with the remarkable gains technology is making, Yang observed. VC Tung pointed to the ongoing shift of offline to online businesses as an "extremely strong and powerful" force as well as the booming mobile Internet market. Companies can take business models from large domestic markets and roll them out to other countries with mobile in a way that was impossible before.

The rise of China tech entrepreneurship from copying to innovating was highlighted too.

 Click Silicon Dragon Talk

Keep reading the summary at Forbes, Talk Trio.    








Sabre Partners has led an $8 million Series B investment for Vyome Biosciences, an Indian bio-pharmaceutical company that specializes in dermatology.




Walden Riverwood Ventures has led an $8 million Series A funding round for Atonarp, a Japanese developer of chemical sensors.



Agworld, an exchange platform for farmers, has raised $5.6 million in a Series C round of funding led by Reed Elsevier Ventures. Existing investor Yuuwa Capital joined too.



Tencent Connection Helps To Propel China gamer iDreamSky to a successful Nasdaq IPO  Deal led by Redpoint Ventures


FunPlus Group is selling its gaming subsidiary DianDian Interactive to Shanghai-based publicly traded Zongji Holding for up to $965 million.


Chinese carpooling app Haha Pinche raises $10 million from Sequoia Capital and Innovation Works. 


IDG Capital Partners and Morningside Technologies have invested $20 million in a Series B round of funding for Maimai, a Chinese social networking app for professionals.


Fosun Venture Capital Investment and return backer CDH Venture have invested $16 million Series B round of funding for Lailaihui, a Chinese online travel operator.


China Broadband Capital has led a Series A round of funding for FraudMetrix, a developer of Chinese internet security services.


ZhenFund and Cloud Angel Fund have backed Gllue Software, a Chinese software developer.


Banyan Capital and IDG Capital Partners have invested $24 million in BeiBei, a Chinese online discount retail platform for maternity and baby products.





Research from San Francisco-based venture capital firm Rise Capital, which invests in emerging markets, shows that $300 billion in market value has been created in the last five years by e-commerce and media companies from developing nations.

Little surprise, most of those companies are from China. Russia, India and Brazil do factor in though, accounting for nine of the 35 in the top ranks.

Tencent is number one on the list with a market cap of $143 billion, figures dating from June 2014 show. Baidu ranks second at $66 billion. Alibaba rival is third, with a market cap of $35 billion. Read Forbes post, Rise.



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