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2014 PSC Partners Conference Sponsorship
Consider becoming a 2014 Conference Sponsor TODAY.  We welcome corporate and individual sponsors.
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  • Pharmaceuticals testing new drugs for PSCers
  • Launch of Patient Registry!
  • 2014 Conference Tips
  • Learn about our Finance Committee
Special Thank You to our 2014 Conference Sponsors
Diamond Sponsors:

Platinum Sponsors:

Gold Sponsors:
John and Chris Browner Family

Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Grover Family Foundation and Deborah Grover Wente

Axel and Karyn Rasmussen

Don and Ricky Safer

Ken and Patty Shepherd


Silver Sponsors:
Ruth and Doron Blatt
Steve and Joanne Hatchett

Fred Sabernick

Bronze Sponsors:
Aubrey Goldstein and Caroline Vanneste

Peter and Helena Holmgren

Allan and Karen Luks

The Pearlman Family


We hope you'll attend our annual patient/caregiver conference 

April 25-27th!

If you're thinking about attending our April conference, please look at this article written by a newcomer at our 2013 conference.


It's Not Just About Having Something in Common
by Suzanna Donahue (PSCer)

It was with mixed emotions that I registered my husband and myself for the annual PSC Conference. It wasn't too long after registering that I questioned this use of our

limited funds.

I (as true for most PSCers) had done an awful lot of research and figured there was little more to learn, despite others saying that they learn something new every year at this conference. 

Idea Bulb
  • Friday brunch spaces are filling up quickly
  • March 27th- Regular registration ends
  • April 10th- Hyatt DTC cutoff for $109 room rate
  • April 11th- Late registration ends
Top Reasons to attend a PSC Partners Conference
submitted by Sandi Pearlman several years ago
1.Know you're not alone
2.Experience the joy and hope
3. Become informed
4. Be a part of the "in" crowd
5. Scratch, itch, nap in peace
6. Make lifelong friends
7. Get practical tips on how to improve your daily life
8. Find the meaning: Learn how to make a difference in your own life and other PSCers' lives if you so choose
9. To be with people of your own age who like to, want to, or have to . . .
10. Put an actual face to all your FB friends
11. To allow your parents or caretakers to talk with other people similarly situated so they don't keep asking you the same questions or saying "I don't understand" or look at you like you're nutso or seriously disturbed when you say you'd cut your own feet off to stop the itch?
12. To see who can make up the most memorable and useful phrases using only the letters "PSC" 
13. To better realize that having PSC does not mean that your life is over, but instead offers you the opportunity to explore alternative choices

Lumena Pharmaceuticals, Intercept Pharmaceuticals and Gilead Sciences, three pharmaceutical companies that are conducting or are about to start conducting clinical trials for treatments for PSC, are sponsors of our conference in Denver this year. Having three potential treatments being discussed for PSC is a first in the history of PSC Partners! This will be a good way to celebrate our tenth anniversary. 

Monica Walters Crowley brings her expertise in law and health advocacy to the PSC Partners board of directors. She also brings her wisdom and compassion. 

How Does PSC Partners Decide What Research to Fund?


The body that selects the research funded by PSC Partners is the Scientific/Medical Advisory Committee (SMAC), a body composed of leading PSC physicians and scientists from all over the world. Actively engaged in the decision-making process, these PSC scholars evaluate all grant applications submitted to PSC Partners and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. PSC Partners has awarded more than 30 grants totaling $1,236,706 to prominent PSC researchers in important PSC centers internationally.

Together in the fight whatever it takes!
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