Flash Newsletter
February 2015

Despite the snow that came the day before,
Reggie Henry, CAE
, ASAE's CIO, presented to a full room
on February 18 at FHI 360!

"Leading Technologies for Associations and Other Not for Profit Organizations" 

Magic is the new order of business in technology - envisioning it, expecting it and delivering it by way of technology to our customers, be they members, clients or consumers.  Reggie Henry gave FAR members a taste of that magic with examples, insights and guidelines at the February luncheon.  He spoke of smart refrigerators that produce a grocery list based on the food that's being consumed, of iBeacons used by retail establishments and associations that track an individual's location in order to provide customized, efficient delivery at the point of service, and by the critical need to adopt a new mindset for developing these technologies.  That new mindset announces "The Age of the Customer," an era that recognizes that customers now manage our relationships by utilizing technology at every point of service with an expectation that what they're looking for will be delivered on their terms.

The foundation of that partnership is the use of mobile technology. iPads and iPhones have replaced laptops and now members use mobile technology as much as we do. It has become their device of choice and their satisfaction is based on their mobile experience.  The critical lessons for us are these: invest in mobile and rethink what's on your web site to make it "mobile friendly," bringing your customers quickly to the information and actions they're looking for without having to click through numerous text-filled pages on your web site.

See Reggie's slides for more comments on social media, staff collaboration tools, and the "internet of things," among others.   And be prepared to be amazed, for the evolution of technology has made magic a daily event.