January - 2015

Organizations are complex entities. Effective leadership calls for developing an alignment strategy that will focus all employees on achieving that strategy while ensuring that internal processes are focused on customer needs. Admittedly, this is a tall order.


It is here that many organizations fall out of alignment.In the article below, learn how to create organizational excellence in your workplace and call me to discuss how D.I.A.L.O.G can also help you in effective and excellent leadership. 

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Organizational Excellence...How Do You Achieve It? Part 1  

The success of an organization can be measured in how effectively it achieves the goals it has established for itself. Do you feel that sometimes not everyone in your organization has gotten the word and that everyone is not operating as a focused team?


For example, you may have done a wonderful job of developing a finely tuned strategic plan. But how can you be sure ALL of your employees know their role in achieving it? It's quite possible your employees don't even know you HAVE a plan. In that case, your organization suffers from miscommunication not lack of planning, and it will be difficult or maybe even impossible to achieve organizational excellence.


Organizational Excellence ensures all organizational systems are aligned and functioning cohesively together.


Why is Organizational Excellence so important? Organizational Excellence provides a competitive advantage--it's what makes your organization different from all of the other organizations in your marketplace that provide similar products or services. Continuous commitment to organizational excellence provides the tools to aggressively enhance your product and services, which in turn will assist you in building loyal customer relationships.


Organizations in today's ever changing and global business environment need to focus on creating a loyal customer base. It costs four to five times more to acquire new customers than it does to keep current customers, and loyal customers can be counted on to come back!


Focusing on excellence provides you with the resources needed to increase your market share. Also, your ability to innovate is positively magnified, which leads to bottom line revenue growth.


In our next issue, we'll discuss the three critical components of an organization that, when focused on, help develop a well-structured, strong, and customer-focused organization.


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