December - 2014
Have you ever been to a retail store where someone was helping you and then the person disappeared? When you ask someone else for help, he or she responds, "Was someone working with you?" You answer, "Yes, but he seems to have disappeared!"
The response often is, "Well if he is helping you, then I can't." You are stranded in the zone of service-provider-indifference and getting more frustrated by the minute.
Unlike the experience above, this newsletter discusses the importance of creating loyal customers through emotionally positive points of connection. After reading the article below, contact me to see how we can help make positive customer connections a reality for you and your business.

It's not too late! 
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Always Creating a Powerful Connection  

The emotional state of your service provider will always influence the outcome of the service interaction, and emotionally positive points of connection are the best predictor of Customer Loyalty.  


Have you ever thought about the criteria your customers use to evaluate positive service interactions with your organization?  


According to Zeithaml, Parasuraman, and Berry from their book, Delivering Quality Service, there are five key areas Customers use to evaluate service.


Reliability. Can Customers depend on the organization to accurately and dependably provide service to them?


Assurance. Do the service providers convey confidence about their product or the service, and do the Customers trust the service provider?


Tangibles. This deals specifically with the appearance of the service area, the store, the lobby etc., and the appearance of the customer service provider. Is the environment pleasing and appropriate, and is the service provider dressed appropriately, smiling, warm and genuinely open? If interacting with customers via the phone obviously smiling, tone of voice, and listening intently will create positive points of connection with Customers.


Empathy. This is the strongest skill that demonstrates if a service provider genuinely cares.


Responsiveness. This involves the ability to provide prompt or timely service, and measure the willingness of the service provider to help Customers.


If points of connections are positive, chances are the Customer will return.

If the points of connection really made an impact and provided value to the Customer then there is a much greater chance the person will become a loyal Customer ... and loyal Customers positively impact the bottom line!

Do you have processes within your organization that provide you with the ability to monitor and measure every point of connection in your service cycle.