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March - 2014

Creating a winning team begins with creating a culture in which your employees are encouraged to challenge, to question, to create, and to innovate. Read more about team leadership in this months article.

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In this Issue:
Learn more about this month's topic of Team Leadership by reading the article - 

Will a business mentor or Business Coach really work for my business?

In a word, yes! Because of proven and systematized set of strategies that have worked for thousands of different types of businesses all over the world, a systemized process can for your company..

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Five Star Performance Broadens To Incorporate The Coaching Authority Five Star Performance, LLC announces their official name change to The Coaching Authority effective January 1, 2014.

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Senior management understands the importance of employee morale and motivation in satisfying customer expectations.

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Building a Successful Team

Everyone in an organization plays an important role in its overall performance. 


It's no longer enough to be good, you must be exceptional.
It is no longer enough to have satisfied customers, you must seek to develop a loyal and delighted customer base. It's no longer enough to maintain. You must be aggressive, responsive, and quick. Your challenge is getting everyone on your team or in your department committed and focused on achieving organizational success. As an effective team leader, your role is to build the best, strongest, most productive team possible. Your team or department's results, or lack thereof, will be in direct proportion to the cohesiveness of your team.  



Creating a winning team begins with creating a culture in which your employees are encouraged to challenge, to question, to create, and to innovate. Surround yourself with the best people the organization has to offer. Don't limit yourself by focusing only on people with seniority or rank. Bring people into the team as they are needed based upon their expertise or abilities. The ideal team should include all four types of thinkers, so you get a blend of perspectives. For example, some team members will naturally focus on short-term efficiency issues (doing things right) while others will focus on short term effectiveness (doing the right things). Others should be selected for their natural inclination to focus on long-term efficiency, while others should be selected for their natural focus on long-term effectiveness.


Create a culture where people are encouraged to be their best and perform their best. As the goals or projects dictate, you may want to involve multiple team members in different aspects of the project as needed. Furthermore, it may not always be necessary to involve everyone from beginning to end. Always be sure; however, the goals are specific and that they are aligned with the vision, values, and strategies of the organization as defined by management. Alignment must also occur between the department's activities and its outcomes. If continuous improvement is to occur, your team needs to focus on continuous improvement in all areas. Therefore, measurements and expectations must be developed and reviewed regularly. Get team members involved and delegate ownership of processes and challenges which rightfully belong to them.  


The momentum of the team keeps a project going so the probability of success is enhanced. A team's collective power is much greater than that of any one individual!

Tammy A.S. Kohl is President of Resource Associates Corporation. RAC is a strategic partner with The Coaching Authority, working together we are changing the world, one leader at a time.