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What exactly is the best-kept secret behind incredibly successful businesses? Is it keeping up with the trends? Having an excellent workforce that will make sure your company is working in tip top shape? Or having a loyal client base who will not only keep on going back to you whenever they need your products or services? Loyal clients are the ones who will help your company get more attention from other people through good word of mouth.


Imagine everybody walking the universe with a piece of tape across their forehead saying "Make Me Feel Important ". This is the essence of sales and providing outrageous customer service. It's also the essence of building a great company and attracting all-star talent.

Patrick "Coach" Frazier

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A Customer Driven Organization


In a quest to maintain market position, business leaders are realizing that one of the areas where they can improve profits, as well as market position is by creating a customer-driven organization.


A customer-driven business is one that has recognized that an autocratic, top-down structure must be inverted to put the focus on the customer who is now the driving force. All of the plans and people in your organization need to be focused on the most important person-the customer. Focus is no longer on customer satisfaction. Today's focus is on exceeding customer expectations as customer service is expected.


Becoming a customer driven business requires the efforts of everyone pulling together with a clear focus on the vision of the organization and the mission at hand, all of which must focus on exceeding customer expectations. Your leadership must ensure that this value is articulated, which helps you create a culture that is solidly entrenched in achievement, continuous improvement, and customer focus. An organization can only survive if customers are satisfied and will thrive only if their customers are delighted which creates customer loyalty.


Create customer loyalty by going the extra mile for your clients. Look not to satisfy them, but to exceed their expectations. Do more than they expect and you will delight them. Word of mouth advertising is still the most powerful advertising available. Delighted customers tell others who, when delighted, will tell others and so on and so on.


Consistency is also important. Many businesses are very accommodating with a new customer, but tend to get lazy as times goes on. They focus on getting new business (which costs five times as much as keeping a customer) instead of revitalizing and improving existing business. As a result, they fail to maintain their service standards with existing customers. Research also shows that 70% of the customers that take their business elsewhere do so because of poor or rude service.


Nothing is more important to an on-going business relationship that honesty and integrity. Live up to and exceed promises made to customers!


Tammy A.S. Kohl is President of Resource Associates Corporation. For over 30 years, RAC has specialized in business and management consulting, strategic planning, leadership development, executive coaching, and youth leadership. For more information visit or contact RAC directly at 800.799.6227.
December 17, 2013
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