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Team building allows you to generate ideas, resolve conflict, and merge personalities in order to complement and balance all members of the team. Some examples include having one-on-one honest meetings to elicit trust, ensuring that each member contributes to final solutions.

Below you will read about team building and learn how collaboration is a way of energizing people to work and think together.

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Team Building - What To Do 

Team Building

Team building rarely happens by itself. You need to generate ideas for team building that focus on efforts to bring different personalities together, to complement and balance each other, and work as a team. To begin with, there may be a complete lack of trust between the team members and this could result in conflicts. The team may be a group of disjointed individuals working in different directions and lacking focus. Your ideas for team building must include a good team leader who works to remove such conflicts and develops trust. The team leader provides a focus and direction to the team members and motivates them to work as team players towards the attainment of team objectives.


You can generate many ideas for team building to resolve conflict and raise a team that complements and balances each other:

  • Every team member must have a clear and complete understanding, and the acceptance of the  goals of the team.  
  • Every member of the team must have a clear understanding of who is responsible for what function. In case there is an overlapping of responsibilities and authority, depending on those individual's strengths and personal inclinations, divide the responsibilities into two parts, leaving each of them in complete control of each part.   
  • Have a one-to-one honest and open meeting with your team members to build trust. To build a good team, you need to be loyal to them if you expect the same from them.   
  • In a similar manner, allow your team members to build trust among themselves by providing them time to socialize. This brings in openness and improves interpersonal communication.   
  • Let the whole team take part in the decision making process, especially in matters that affect team consensus and commitment. What you need to achieve here is that each member of the team should feel he or she has contributed towards the final decision, solution, or idea.   
  • The more the team member feels his or her contribution has led to the final solution; the more he or she will be committed to the line of action. This leads to better team building.   
  • Your ideas for team building should ensure that all team members are kept fully informed, and that there are no lines of communication that are blocked.   
  • Do not allow interpersonal issues between team members to blow out of control. Deal with them as soon as they rear up.   
  • Do not always give negative feedback. Whenever an
    opportunity arises, give the positive feedback and appreciate an individual team member's special efforts. This will empower him or her to do better.

These ideas for team building, if implemented effectively can produce amazing results and change the way your team thinks and behaves.


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Tammy A.S. Kohl is President of Resource Associates Corporation. For over 30 years, RAC has specialized in business and management consulting, strategic planning, leadership development, executive coaching, and youth leadership. For more information visit or contact RAC directly at 800.799.6227.
September 17, 2013
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Do you and your business have any of these issues?

* Excessive Meetings

* Preponderance of consensus-driven decision making (i.e. a cover mentality)

* Lack of personal accountability

* Time consuming and/or meaningless performance evaluations

* Avoidance of accountability

* Communication Problems

* Fear and avoidance of conflict

* Difficulty terminating poor performers

* Misalignment and lack of coordinated effort

* Personality conflicts and/or power struggles

* Difficulty keeping employees motivated

* Lack of individual commitment

* Unacceptable results

* Time management problems

* Reactive rather then proactive thinking

* Lack of trust

* Micro-management

* "Can't do" attitude

* Chronically sagging sales

* Unproductive teams and/or ineffective teamwork

* Inattention to results

* Duplication of effort

* High staff turnover

* Failure to achieve quality standards

* Fear of making decisions



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