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Successful organizations are continually looking for ways and areas to improve in order to gain a competitive advantage. Two critical questions that are often asked by Senior Management are, "How do we know that resources are being properly allocated, and how can we better utilize our limited resources?" These questions moved us to examine the whole issue of what the critical elements are which contribute to organizational success. As a result of this examination, we discovered that when an organization's systems and departments are aligned, the greater their success. 


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Achieve Success with Positive Communication

Positive, effective communication is the key to success in every part of your life. That includes at work, at play, and at home. Here's how to do it. Use these six strategies to communicate effectively.

  • You can accept anything without agreeing with it. Acknowledge amazing requests and outrageous statements with responses such as:
  "That's an interesting idea."
  "That's a novel request."
          "What an intriguing question."

Use this as an opportunity to understand what the other person is saying. And then move on to other topics without attempting to argue.
  • People judge others by their actions. This means you are being judged by the perceptions you create with your words and actions. For example, if you act angry, even though you feel otherwise, you will be judged as being hostile. If you sound helpless, even though you feel otherwise, you will be judged as being ineffective. Thus, choose actions and words that convey the impression you want to make.
  • People judge themselves by their intentions. Thus, acknowledge that the other person's actions or words are correct and proper (as seen by that other person). Even when someone's behavior appears completely absurd, that person most likely believes it is justified.
  • Everyone deserves courtesy and respect. Diplomacy gains more than hostility. It is always the best way to begin a dialogue. After all, no one has ever had to apologize for being courteous. When you treat others with respect, you set the standard for how you want to be treated.
  • Everyone has valuable ideas. Everyone is an expert in some area. Everyone has unique talents. Effective leaders help other people excel at expressing their ideas. They ask questions. They show interest. They make the other person a star in their conversation.   
  • Realize that you can always learn more about the other person's needs, priorities, and situation. Ask questions. Seek solutions. Think positive. Quick reactions often lead to apologies. Start by being thoughtful and seeking to understand fully.
So, the next time you're communicating, implement these six strategies and you'll see the power of effective communication

May 7, 2013
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D.I.AL.O.G. Organizational Assessment Instrument

D.I.AL.O.G. (Data Indicating Alignment of Organizational Goals) is an organizational assessment tool that provides information as to how well critical elements are working together to achieve business and strategic goals. It also identifies which of these critical elements are working against you. Our approach is unique in that we measure the interrelationships of the essential elements which become predictors of future strength. We are not concerned with measuring communication for communications sake, but rather how effectively an organization is communicating to its employees. Our approach is outcome-focused rather than simply measuring non-relevant activities.

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D.I.AL.O.G is important in today's business environment. Constant radical change, uncertainty, new rules and regulations, increased customer demands, and "alphabet soup programs" proliferate our daily business environment. How to manage it and how to thrive under these conditions depends a great deal upon how well your organization is aligned.

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