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December 11, 2012

Alternative Possibilities

Since positive thinking makes the ability to believe in alternative possibilities a reality, it also leads to more creative thinking when faced with everyday setbacks. By believing that the solution may not be obvious, positive thinkers are more prone to draw their ideas from unusual sources.

Positive thinkers also express more creative thinking throughout everyday life. Self-proclaimed positive thinkers are responsible for a large amount of the inventions, discoveries and innovations that we enjoy today.

Since positive thinking promotes more creative thinking, it also promotes better problem solving skills. When positive thinkers are faced with a particularly stubborn situation, they not only use their skills to envision an increased number of solutions, but they also use their belief in the affirmative to continue until they have found a resolution.

People who are faced with problems or failure are usually too quick to give up. However, by using positive thinking problem solving skills, you can tackle problems head-on and seek out desirable outcomes.

Through the previous benefits, positive thinkers are awarded a boost of confidence. By utilizing the skills of positive thinking, you will begin to experience an increased belief in yourself and your abilities. After experiencing success with positive thinking, your brain will become trained to see each situation as a simple challenge instead of a barrier that blocks your success.

As you develop your positive thinking skills, this new belief in yourself will lead to greater focus and determination. By simply believing that you will find a suitable solution, you will gain the motivation necessary to stay on task until that desirable outcome is achieved. Plus, a can-do attitude will help center your concentration enabling you to stay focused on the positive aspects of the situation until the problem is resolved. t

~ Written for us by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. Copyright protected worldwide. All rights reserved.

Facts about Coaching - 9 Things YOU Need to Know 

The notion of coaching originated from sports, but nowadays there are lots of different types of coaching. However, let's take a look at the two main types: life (personal) coaching and business (corporate) coaching.


Benefits of Corporate Coaching: Organizational Development.

  1. Increase of performance. This is perhaps the main advantage, without which, coaching literally would have no sense. Coaching develops the best qualities of people and teams and enables the usage of these qualities at work for the benefit of the organization. Thus using coaching in management significantly increases staff productivity.
  2. Improvement of relationships at work. Questions asked during the coaching process add value both to the person being asked and his/her answers. Thus an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust is being established. Good relationships at work provide the fertile ground for staff productivity, while the instructions and directions typical for the directive style of management aren't likely to bring such positive changes.
  3. Staff development. Staff development means not only educational seminars and trainings, but also unlocking the inner potential of the company's employees. Whether the employees are going to develop themselves or not depends mainly on the company's management style. Initially, all of us have great potential, which can be revealed through coaching. Coaching allows the employees to develop themselves directly in the workplace, thus increasing their efficiency.
  4. Flexibility and adaptability. Improving competitiveness in the market requires such skills as flexibility and adaptability. Coaching aids in quickly adapting to every kind of change, which is quite important in today's business world.
  5. Staff motivation. Often, people work under their own will, not under constraint. Coaching helps people to fully develop their potential, increase their self-esteem, and thus raise the quality of their work. Of course at the same time people become motivated to be productive and work efficiently.

Benefits of Personal Coaching: Personal Development.

  1. Life quality improvement. The most important constituent of a person's quality of life is emotional satisfaction. This factor must be taken into account in regard to HR management. When using coaching, apart from improving relationships, every employee gets higher emotional satisfaction from their work, which can help motivate them to perform at their best.
  2. Creativity. Coaching itself and the working environment created by it encourages employees to make creative suggestions. At the same time, employees aren't afraid of being laughed at or rejected. Moreover, they are motivated to put forward their suggestions to improve business processes. And one creative idea, when properly evaluated and accepted, generates lots of new ideas.
  3. Fast and effective response to critical situations. If people feel an atmosphere of respect and recognition, they're always ready to stand for the company's interests in critical situations. Working overtime and temporary changes to the working environment won't be a great problem for them and will be accepted with understanding. Moreover, the employees will do their best to avoid such a situation, and will handle it themselves, without any direction from management.
  4. Unlocking hidden resources and potentials. Coaching creates an atmosphere of trust and confidence, where a person discovers inner resources that they didn't know about earlier. The coach's questions help the coachee to see the ways of achieving their goals. Coaching helps a person to find their inner 'assembly point,' from which the way of approaching goals becomes clear.

We can talk about the benefits of coaching for a long time. Today it's indeed the most effective personnel management style, a powerful tool, which allows achieving amazing results. Coaching is not a theory. First of all, it's a practice that's not difficult to master, but at the same time, extremely efficient. To make sure it works, all you have to do is try to use coaching at work, and the results could well be positive, even the first time.


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Workers believe the number one factor that negatively impacts employee productivity is poor management, according to the a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).


The survey of 478 HR professionals and 613 employees found that the factors which negatively impacted upon productivity at work included:


1. Poor management (58%);

2. Lack of motivation (38%);

3. Organizational changes (26%);

4. A lack of defined goals in the job (24%);

5. Readiness to leave the organization (16%);

6. A lack of accountability in the job.




 "A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind."  

~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi


Throughout history, great discoveries were made out of necessity.

Great discoveries lead to progress, innovation, and creativity.

Challenging assumptions and fighting "sameness" are the first step.


"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." ~ Marcel Proust


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