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October 9, 2012

Eight Key Leadership Strategies

Peter Drucker was called, by BusinessWeek, "the most enduring management thinker of our time." In a Harvard Business Review article "What Makes an Effective Executive?" Drucker said that as different as effective leaders may be, they all follow 8 practices:

1. Focus on opportunities rather than problems.

2. Run productive meetings.Five Star Maroon

3. Think "we" rather than "I."

4. Take responsibility for decisions.

5. Develop action plans.

6. Ask "What needs to be done?"

7. Ask "What is right for the enterprise?"

8. Take responsibility for communicating - listen first.

Rate yourself in each category from 1 to 10. See any areas for improvements?t

~ Adapted with permission from original source: Elaine Gagne, Engaging Change


Recently our client, a healthcare corporation employing full-time and part-time employees at a single facility in Southwestern Michigan, had this to say about their leadership development experience working with Five Star Performance:

  • "I now have an awareness of how to communicate with people and their personalities and stuff like that."
  • "There now is self-reflection and growth."
  • "We've learned how to communicate in a more positive manner with each other."
  • "I have gained an internal perspective of how a business runs effectively and the tools with which to get there."
  • "I think one positive thing the meetings have done for our staff is: It's teaching us to communicate with each other; even if we feel uncomfortable or don't want to."

Well said. Well done! Well, isn't it about time YOU called Five Star Performance, and start building the next generation of leaders in your organization?

 Five Star Performance is a business improvement consulting and executive coaching practice (a.k.a. The Coaching Authority) which focuses on helping individuals develop plans to balance the profit motives of the business with the personal motives of employee's lives.

At Five Star Performance we help organizations get quick results and build a long-term competitive advantage.  Through a combination of learning techniques and practice tools, educational sessions will assist participants in the development of vital leadership skills on both personal and professional level.

Patrick Frazier, the Coaching Authority, is based out of Granger, IN specializing in meeting the needs of professionals in the Heath Care and Manufacturing industries. 

To learn more about how the Coaching Authority can help you and your organization, visit our web-site at

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