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"The World's Best Distilled Spirit"

That was the conclusion of the Robb Report, a magazine that caters to society's 99%, about Germain Robin Select Barrel XO Brandy in a 1999 panel tasting.  The Germain Robin famously bested the Richard Hennessy Cognac (price: about $3000) before Robb Report's team of experts.  The accolades for this hand-distilled brandy from California don't end there.  Spirit & Cocktail Magazine called Germain Robin "best on the planet."  Frank Prial of the The New York Times wrote: "Hubert Germain-Robin is making far better brandy than he or his ancestors ever did in France. The depth and richness of the XO are extraordinary."  In fact, this brandy is widely considered one of the best in the world--on par with the best French examples.

Germain Robin Select Barrel XO is hand-distilled in an antique cognac still from 12 different premium wine-grape sources (including 80% Pinot Noir), brought to proof with filtered rain water and cellared for 13 years in Limousin oak. Germain Robin is the only brandy producer in the world to use only high-quality wine grapes in all its selections. The result is a smooth, balanced, complex cognacs with a subtle and distinctive Californian  fragrance & flavor of deep, rich fruit and a somewhat vinous flavor profile.  IThe Select Barrel XO has none of the alcohol "burn" or harsh tannins of some XOs,, making it a great choice for wine drinkers unused to spirits.

Only ten barrels are distilled of this rare cognac and half bottles typically sell for $64.99.  We bought a large quantity from our supplier in order to bring the price down to a very reasonable $38.99 for a 375-milliliter bottle when you buy three or more. Buy six bottles or more and get this world-class artisanal spirit for just $32.25.  What a fantastic stocking stuffer!   And wouldn't it be nice to relax with a glass of this after your big Thanksgiving feast?  Hurry--this offer is limited to quantities on hand. Click here to order it now.

Eden Stone
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Germain Robin Select Barrel XO Brandy
375 milliliter bottle

Regular Price: $64.99
Our Price:
$38.99 (three bottles or more)
(six bottles or more with coupon code GR)