Enhancing Leadership Through Coaching 


Executive coaches have long been used in the corporate world, as well as in higher education and public schools. Recently, more consultants and firms are offering leadership coaching for independent school leaders. The role of today's head of school has become increasingly complex, mirroring that of today's CEO or college president. Heads are leading larger schools in a more convoluted world. There is a greater focus on operations and external duties such as development and fundraising. Meanwhile, heads must navigate and lead a diverse group of stakeholders including the board, teachers, parents, and students. >>Read more. 

2015 Heads of School Trends
by Dr. Jeffrey L. Mitchell 
Head of School, Currey Ingram Academy, Brentwood, TN 

This FastStats presents an analysis of important head of school data. The purpose is to reveal trends over time and to provide heads with some valuable comparative data. The analysis has two parts: the first will summarize seminal demographic variables including total experience, gender, race/ethnicity, and teaching duties to determine how they have shifted over time; the second will assess how both salary and benefits as well as other compensation have trended over time. >>Read more.

Bonus FastStats: 2014-2015 SAIS Tuition Study Information. >>Read more. 


Coming to Boston for the 2015 NAIS Annual Conference? Stop by and say hi! SAIS will be in the exhibit hall at booth #1138 and you're also invited to our reception on Thursday, February 26. >>RSVP here. 

The Students Are Watching: Schools and the Moral Contract 
by Theodore R. Sizer &
Nancy Faust Sizer 
Reviewed by Adam Bernick, Director of Visual & Performing Arts/Band Director, Randolph School, Huntsville, AL

While attending a recent conference, I noted a number of books that presenters referenced in their sessions. One book that piqued my interest was The Students Are Watching: Schools and the Moral Contract by Theodore R. Sizer and Nancy Faust Sizer. Though it's not a recent book, its tenets are timeless and relevant, as the authors explore important questions about the function of school (the why), and what makes a school a great place for learning (the how). >>Read More.
SAIS Collaboration Booklet Now Available Online 

This booklet highlights some of the many collaborations taking place in and among SAIS schools. Strategic collaborations will be a game changer for schools in the coming years. Understanding what your school has to offer and seeking like-minded partners can help your school expand its reach and impact. What existing and new collaborations might benefit your school and your community?  >>Read more. 

Benchmarking Data Collection

Benchmark reports and statistical tables with 2014-15 data are now available from NAIS DASL. Additionally, NAIS members can update dashboard charts to include new data. Didn't get your data in? No problem. Also starting on December 11, you'll be able to use the "Update Past Survey" tool to enter data you missed and/or to correct data incorrectly entered. Once you enter the data, you can run reports in those data categories. Also, check out a webinar on how to use the data reporting tools in DASL, which continue to grow and develop based on user input.
Please visit http://dasl.nais.org.
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2015 Calendar of Events
Mark your calendars now! SAIS offers a variety of affordable, accessible, and relevant professional development programs for independent school leaders each summer. Pre-registration is now open with no money due until spring. Reserve your seat today!

See the full SAIS calendar of events at www.sais.org/events.

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Got any great photos of your campus, students, or a special occasion at your school?  Would you be willing to let SAIS use them on our website, in marketing materials, and in publications such as this?  If so, please send them to [email protected].
Enhancing Leadership Through Coaching
Fast Stats
The Students Are Watching: Schools and the Moral Contract
SAIS Collaboration Booklet
Benchmarking Data Collection
2015 Calendar of Events
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Blogs of Note

Dr. John Davies, Head of Miami Country Day School in Miami, FL, discusses the role of the arts in academic achievement and cognitive development.


Wishes for 2015 
Weldon Bradshaw, English teacher and administrator at Collegiate School in Richmond, VA, shares his hopes for his students in 2015.


Dr. Eric Howard, a member of the board of trustees at Hill Country Christian School in Austin, TX, discusses what a classical education is and is not, and the importance of the school making the distinction.

Bill Brown, English teacher at Holy Innocents' Episcopal School in Atlanta, GA, reflects on the tragic terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France.


Tweets of Note
SAIS Survey Center
Visit www.sais.org/surveys to see the stakeholder surveys available to your school community. SAIS has created a series of highly reliable and valid stakeholder surveys for use either in conjunction with a strategic visioning process or just to take the pulse of your community. Be sure to check out the video, sample questions, timelines, and sample reports.