Letter from the President
Steve Robinson, Ph.D. 

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, I feel compelled to share with you some of that for which I am thankful. I am thankful for an amazing wife who has been supportive of me and loved me even on days that I was not lovely.  I am thankful for my children and the joy that they have brought to my life.  I am thankful for my parents who taught me to work harder than my salary called for.  I am thankful to the teachers, coaches, pastors, and friends who held me accountable.  I have had a blessed life.


Recently, Ferrell Singleton asked me why was I leaving SAIS to move to Honduras and work with the Episcopal schools there.  The answer to that question is a summary of that for which I am most thankful.  It is time for me to be a doorman, opening doors for others just as so many have opened doors for me. The scripture says that to whom much is given, much is required. The 'why' is as simple as this; I must do what I can to open doors for those for whom God has called me to do so.


I approach this season with a truly grateful heart. I have never been more thankful than I am now for the opportunities of serving that lie ahead of Rhonda and me. What may appear to some as a sacrifice is in fact, to me, an honor.  I am thankful for the opportunity to serve others and help make the world a better place.


We are all excited about the appointment of Dr. Kirk Walker to serve as the next President of SAIS upon my departure next summer.  Kirk brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the organization. You may read the official announcement here.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Dr. Steve Robinson

A Global Endorsement


Independent schools have a new resource to assess and improve their global education programs. The Global Education Benchmark Group is now offering an endorsement and has awarded its first to Providence Day School in Charlotte, NC. The assessment for the GEBG Endorsement was conducted in conjunction with the school's SAIS reaccreditation visit this past fall.  >>Read more.

SAIS Announces the Stephen P. Robinson Collaboration Grants
SAIS is now accepting applications for the Stephen P. Robinson Collaboration Grants. A total of $25,000 in grants will be awarded to SAIS member schools who propose unique collaborations with other schools, institutions of higher education, businesses, and/or non-profits. Proposals will be accepted between October 20 and December 31, 2014, and funds disbursed by February 1, 2015.  >>Read more or apply for a grant.
An Interview with Al Calarco from the Center for Creative Leadership

SAIS is excited to partner with Al Calarco and the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) for the 2015 Heads Leadership Retreat, April 19-20 in Nashville. Calarco has been working with CCL for almost 20 years and serves as a Global Solutions faculty member and executive coach. The upcoming April program is being designed especially for heads of school and will help them better understand leadership while identifying their strengths and areas of growth. Mark your calendar and plan to join us April 19-20 in Nashville. SAIS recently interviewed Calarco about some of the topics that will be covered at the HLR>>Read more. 

SAIS Collaboration Booklet Now Available Online 

This booklet highlights some of the many collaborations taking place in and among SAIS schools. Strategic collaborations will be a game changer for schools in the coming years. Understanding what your school has to offer and seeking like-minded partners can help your school expand its reach and impact. What existing and new collaborations might benefit your school and your community? >>Read more. 

SAIS Collaborates with OESIS and NEASC
SAIS Vice President of Accreditation and Membership, Damian Kavanagh and Currey Ingram Head of School, Jeffrey Mitchell will participate in an upcoming symposium on 21st century learning. OESIS Los Angeles  "Back to School" Classes of the Future will bring together representatives from more than 40 schools to discuss how technology is reshaping the way educators teach and students learn.  >>Read more. 
The word Events in cut out magazine letters pinned to a cork notice board. Events may refer to news
2015 Calendar of Events
Mark your calendars now for 2015!  SAIS offers a variety of affordable, accessible, and relevant professional development programs for independent school leaders each summer. Pre-registration is now open with no money due until spring.  Reserve your seat today!

See the full SAIS calendar of events at www.sais.org/events.

Benchmarking Data Collection
This year's benchmarking data collection is being conducted in conjunction with NAIS and DASL. This is important information and all SAIS schools (even those not members of NAIS) are invited and encouraged to participate. If your school has not already received login instructions and credentials, please visit http://dasl.nais.org.
WANTED:  Your School's Photos!
Got any great photos of your campus, students, or a special occasion at your school?  Would you be willing to let SAIS use them on our website, in marketing materials, and in publications such as this?  If so, please send them to [email protected].
A Global Endorsement
Collaboration Grants
An Interview with Al Calarco from the Center for Creative Leadership
SAIS Collaboration Booklet
SAIS Collaborates with OESIS and NEASC
Planning Ahead: 2015 Calendar of Events
Benchmarking Data Collection
Survey Center
Blogs of Note

Holly Chesser, English Teacher at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in Atlanta, GA, discusses the tension between preparing students for graduation and allowing them to enjoy their learning. 


Honoring Veterans
Scott Phillipps, Head of Houston Academy in Dothan, AL, shares the impact his grandfather's military service has had on his life.


Jackie Westerfield, Head of Grandview Preparatory School in Boca Raton, FL, discusses the challenges of educating millennials in the age of anxiety.

Laura Lawrence, Science Teacher at the Asheville School in Asheville, NC, uses the Disney movie
Frozen to illustrate the impact compassion can have on our relationships.


Tweets of Note
Veteran's Day,  
Kirk Walker,  
and More.

SAIS Survey Center
Visit www.sais.org/surveys to see the stakeholder surveys available to your school community. SAIS has created a series of highly reliable and valid stakeholder surveys for use either in conjunction with a strategic visioning process or just to take the pulse of your community. Be sure to check out the video, sample questions, timelines, and sample reports.