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Dr. Steve Robinson
In this issue, we address the complex topic of diversity in independent schools. It is hard to talk about because not everyone understands the nuances of diversity in the same way. Creating a safe, diverse, and inclusive school culture is critical for the success of independent schools in the 21st century. Based on surveys from NAIS, more than half of Americans view independent schools as less diverse than public schools. I think this is an misleading statistic as it ignores independent school efforts to promote inclusivity. The demographics of public schools are random; some are diverse and some are not. Socioeconomic factors and geographic attendance zones largely determine the makeup of a public school. Independent schools intentionally create diverse environments and teach students by immersion, direct instruction, and by example what it means to live in a multi-faceted society - molding future generations. Respect for different people begins with the friendships students make at our schools. 
Also in this issue is an interview with Ian Symmonds, facilitator of the Heads Leadership Retreat.  I encourage you to review the details at www.sais.org/HLR.  Ian will lead us in discussing past, present, and emerging models of leadership and how to choose the right leadership strategies for your school. I hope to see you in Charleston on April 6-7.
We also hope to see many of you at NAIS in Orlando later this month. SAIS will be in booth #111 in the exhibit hall, so please stop and say hello. You're also invited to the SAIS reception on Thursday, February 27, from 6:00-8:00 PM in Swan 5.  RSVP at www.sais.org/nais.



Dr. Steve Robinson

FastStats: Diversity in Independent Schools
by Jeff Mitchell, Head of Tuscaloosa Academy


Increasing diversity has been an explicit priority for independent schools for a number of years and, as evidenced by this issue, there have been tremendous programmatic and personnel advances in this area. What, however, does the data tell us about the specific diversity trends over the past 10 years for students, teachers, and administrators in SAIS and NAIS schools?  >>Read more HERE

Independent School Leadership
Q&A with Ian Symmonds
SAIS looks forward to welcoming Ian Symmonds as the facilitator of the Heads Leadership Retreat on April 6-7 in Charleston, SC.  In preparation for the retreat, Ian addressed six leadership questions.
1.  What are independent school leaders today doing right; what are they doing wrong?
More independent schools are focusing on distributive and collaborative forms of leadership, which is essential since the work of the school requires leadership throughout the organization. The challenge is that too many schools still fall into the "head-centric" model, a very vertically aligned model, and that tends to stifle leadership development across the organization. And, since the role of head has emerged into a fundraising, enrollment management, and CEO model, more collaborative decision-making and leadership are necessary for today's modern school ...

2.  What are some of the most common complaints you hear when consulting with independent school leaders? 
Many independent school heads tell us that they have too many masters, and it is increasingly difficult to lead in an environment where there are competing and natural tensions. We also hear that managing positive change among faculty and parent groups in the changing classroom is very difficult ...

Diversity Book Round-Up
We've rounded up five great reads on the topic of diversity in our culture and in our schools. From groundbreaking works to newer trends and topics, these are five of the more talked about worktoday.  >>Read more HERE

Diversity and Inclusivity

Koree Hood knew from an early age that he wanted to change the world.  A native of Phoenix, AZ, he set his sights early on attending Atlanta's prestigious, historically black, all male Morehouse College, alma mater of Martin Luther King, Jr. Growing up in a poor neighborhood, Hood needed a full scholarship. For two years, he attended a local community college, repeatedly applying to Morehouse for assistance. In 2009, he secured financial aid just days before school started.   >>Read more HERE

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Ian Symmonds Q&A
Diversity Book Round-Up
Diversity & Inclusivity

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Understanding Anxiety

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