Finance Institute: 
Q&A with Facilitators Barb Egan & Marifred Cilella

SAIS will host its third Finance Institute on March 27-28 in Atlanta. Barb Egan, sought-after consultant and trainer with 35 years of experience in school leadership and operations, and Marifred Cilella, Head of The Howard School, will facilitate the workshop. In anticipation of the program, SAIS sat down with Barb and Marifred to discuss the format and objectives of the institute. >>Read more HERE

Accreditation Research:
Expectations and Outcomes
by Chuck Jones


It will come as no surprise to any of you that in a day and age when we are given so many possible opportunities for information -- much of it sensationalized to attract our eyeballs -- that when friends and peers asked me the subject of my dissertation and I responded "independent school accreditation," the vast majority of folks typically stood stupefied. There is really no way to politely walk away from the follow-up question either; even for the best among us it takes a delicate touch to feign enthusiasm for the subject while desperately trying to move to a more gratifying subject. Believe me, I understand. Having written that, there was a lot holding my interest in the subject. 

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Heads Leadership Retreat
Featuring Ian Symmonds | April 6-7 | Charleston

Join SAIS and facilitator Ian Symmonds for the inaugural SAIS Heads Leadership Retreat in Charleston, SC, on April 6-7, 2014.  Leadership can be complicated. Myriad factors play into becoming an effective leader and learning to adapt to those around you. This retreat focuses on these aspects of leadership and breaks down the obstacles to remaining informed and connected as leaders. We invite heads to engage and grapple with the topic of nurturing leadership in others and growing administrative talent in our schools. The retreat will take place at the elegant Francis Marion Hotel, rising high over Charleston's historic district at the corner of King and Calhoun streets since 1924.  
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The SAIS Accreditation Revolution


The best teachers work very hard to appear as unnecessary as possible. Dropping humbly into the background, they want students to shine and to care so deeply about their own learning and engage with their own work at such a level that the teacher becomes a facilitator guiding students to their next discovery. The motivation for students becomes intrinsic, not extrinsic. Here is a scenario: a teacher puts a student's grade on a writing assignment at the top of the first page and provides meticulous comments on sentence structure, word choice, grammar and punctuation, and overall flow. The only thing the student looks at is the grade - they have been assessed and the task is complete for them. The focus in this example is on the assessment (what the teacher needs) and not on the process (what the student needs). But what happens when the growth-minded teacher puts only the comments and removes the anxiety of the final grade from the picture? Does it compel the student to engage their own writing, to care about their craft, and to internalize their own drive for success? This is the difference between a formative assessment and a summative assessment and is at the heart of the accreditation model of SAIS.  

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Book Review:
Education Transformation
by Ron Packard


Education Transformation, by Ron Packard, the founder and former CEO of K12, explores the future of schooling and its intersection with online learning, an important topic for independent school leaders. The basic argument goes something like this: when discussing technology, experts stress that is only a tool. Increasingly that tool could also be called a bridge or key. Technology opens doors that were previously closed, democratizes information, and makes the impossible ... possible. MOOCs (massive open online courses), online degrees, digital libraries, wireless campuses, widespread, inexpensive devices, online communities, adaptive assessments are just a sample of innovations tech has facilitated in education. According to IBM's "5 in 5" for 2013, by 2018, technologies in the classroom will assess students' skills and learning styles, and adapt progressively to meet their needs - the height of individualized learning. Is that big brother "HAL" frightening, or is it remarkably exciting?  

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Finance Institute 
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For heads & administrators who don't have a background in business or finance - learn to speak your CFO's language!  Facilitated by Barb Egan and Marifred Cilella.
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Heads Leadership Retreat 
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Growing Leaders in Your School
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Dr. Brett Jacobsen, Head of Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in Atlanta, GA, continues his series on becoming a mission-driven school, applying author Seth Godin's concept of 'shipping ideas' to the school construct.

Grant Lichtman, author, speaker, and Senior Fellow of The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence, encourages schools to contemplate how they can create value for their students and families.

Rebecca Moore, Director of Communications at Randolph School in Huntsville, AL, discusses the importance of approaching life with an awareness of the legacy you will leave behind.

Poverty Perspective
David Skeen, Middle School Director at Canterbury School in Greensboro, NC, shares an interactive website that demonstrates the challenges of poverty and helps students build empathy.  

Meghan Stauts, Communications Associate at The Walker School in Atlanta, GA, discusses how students and parents can use social media in positive ways.

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