From China to Enrollment Management 
A Note from SAIS President Steve Robinson

I recently returned from a meaningful and productive trip to China. Along with seven leaders from SAIS schools, we networked with a number of student management agencies like Three W International, and interacted with students and families interested in studying in the United States. The value of such trips cannot be overstated and I encourage you to make time in your busy schedules to pursue such rewarding and professionally transformative opportunities. Please also see the article below chronicling the trip.


The SAIS spring forum series this year is titled: Creating a Road Map to Your Strategic Enrollment Management Planning Process. Partnering with the Executive Director of AISAP (Association of Independent School Admission Professionals), Janice Crampton, we will help schools better understand the elements, aspects, and requirements for creating a successful enrollment management (SEM) plan. We will present topics such as understanding the role of tuition elasticity in the creation of your school's financial model, and understanding SEM from the perspective of different school leaders (heads of school, business officers and financial professionals, communications and marketing staff members, and admissions and enrollment managers).  We'll be speaking at schools across the region. Visit for specific dates and locations. 



Dr. Steve Robinson 

Connecting With the World  

Experience is always the best teacher, and as many a traveler will say, if you haven't been there, you don't really know. With the push to teach our students to be more globally-minded, it is critical that school leadership become proficient themselves. Trips abroad foster cultural competency, awareness, and empathy in a way no other experience can. They also are the bridge to building long-term strategic partnerships, finding new opportunities, and identifying trends and resources.


SAIS organizes trips for school leaders to interact with educators, agencies, administrators, schools, and students from countries around the world. The SAIS approach to global engagement is four-fold: network SAIS member schools with international sister schools and colleagues; provide an experience where school leaders and educators can gain cultural competency and empathy; introduce school leaders to options or agencies for matching students with their school; and helping students and teachers engage in exchange opportunities.  >>Read more HERE.

Athletics & 21st Century Skills


Do high school sports hinder students' academic performance? The question has spurred much discussion following an article published in September 2013 in The Atlantic, "The Case Against High School Sports," which was part of a best-selling book The Smartest Kids in the World by Amanda Ripley. While Ripley's argument is entertaining and sells books, it's disproved by decades of research. Studies abound as to the correlation between participation in student athletics and academic achievement, as well as the overall benefits of students' participation in sports.  >>Read more HERE.
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Connecting With the World
Athletics & 21st Century Skills

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Joseph Freeman, Dean of 11th and 12th Grades, English Teacher, and Assistant Director of College Counseling at Randolph School in Huntsville, AL, encourages families to see the college placement process as a dynamic journey, and debunks the myth that only one school, the coveted "first pick," is the best choice. 
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