Six Questions With the Author of The Public School Advantage 


Dave Cutler, host and blogger extraordinaire at SpinEdu and a faculty member at an independent school in Miami, FL, was able to catch up with 

Dr. Chris Lubienski to ask a few questions about his latest book, The Public School Advantage: Why 

Public Schools Outperform Private Schools and to question some of the predicted futures. Several blog posts and reviewer comments have already pointed 

out that independent schools (such as SAIS member schools) were not designated as a category for consideration for study in Dr. Lubienski's work. Here is the Q&A that Dave had with Dr. Lubienski via email. SAIS is grateful to Dave for allowing us to publish the exchange.  >>Read more HERE.

Improving Education Through Glasser's Choice Theory  

Policy makers, educators, and leaders nationwide are in constant debate on how to improve education and better prepare students for the 21st century. Many are looking to other countries, or new technologies, training, or pedagogies for answers or solutions. However, a few are revisiting older models that focus on human psychology and the power of choice and nurturing relationships in elevating student performance. 


Glasser Quality Schools model their programs and practices on the teachings of American psychologist Dr. William Glasser. Glasser is best known for developing Choice Theory® and Reality Therapy as a means for transforming individuals, families, and schools. He's authored and co-authored around 30 books during his lifetime, including numerous books for educators such as Schools Without Failure and The Quality School. 


Saint Patrick Catholic School in Norfolk, VA, is one of those schools.  >>Read more HERE.

Guest Book Reviewer: Stan Beiner
Head of The Epstein School, Atlanta, GA


Books have the power to challenge the status quo and change long held viewpoints. In the field of education, one can point to a number of seminal works (e.g. Democracy of Education by John Dewey; How Children Fail by John Holt, Character Counts by Thomas Lickona, etc.) that have influenced and informed leaders and transformed the agenda. 


I would like to share three gems that are being used at our school over the course of the next two years. Our focus is on creating an environment of positive energy accompanied with open communication. These books are easy reads and their messages have as much relevance in one's personal life as they do in the school setting.  >>Read more HERE.

Blogs of Note   
Google Lit Trip
Karen McVay, Technology Integration Specialist and Computer Teacher at Trinity Presbyterian School in Montgomery, AL, experiments with Google Lit Trip, a platform that uses Google Maps to illustrate place and time while reading literature.
Christopher Arbor, Humanities Teacher and Wrestling Coach at The Asheville School in Asheville, NC, discusses the similar lessons learned from reading and wrestling in an essay "Reading, Writing, and Wrestling," which was featured in The Great Smokies Review
In "How are you thinking about the 'package' we call 'school?'" Bo Adams, Chief Learning and Innovation Officer at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in Atlanta, asks how educators can rework their programs to give students more control over their learning.     
Scott McLeod, author, speaker, and Director of Innovation for Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency in Iowa, hijacks PLAEA's Twitter feed for a week, a novel marketing practice made popular by the tourism arms of countries such as Sweden, Italy, and Mexico, to name a few.

Bridget Gwinnett, Upper School Counselor at Greensboro Day School in Greensboro, NC, discusses the value of using the news to initiate discussions with our teens that can be teachable moments. 
Glasser's Choice Theory
Guest Book Review
Veteran's Day

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