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A Note from SAIS President Dr. Steve Robinson


It was a pleasure seeing so many of our members and friends at the SAIS 2013 Annual Conference: A Global Future: Preparing Students and Shaping Schools. I trust you enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow educators, and benefited from the many speakers who shared their experiences and research on how to best prepare our students for the 21st century. 


 As we listened to experts like Dr. Yong Zhao, Ian Symmonds, and Janice Abraham, we heard once again that the future is dynamic, complex, and global. As educators, it is our duty to equip ourselves with the best data and forecasts on what our students' world and job markets will look like. While we cannot predict the future, we can anticipate trends and possibilities and consider what skill sets our students will require. Meanwhile, we are required to challenge old mindsets and the status quo, as we continue to pursue new ways to accomplish our mission: launching students who are equipped to negotiate the challenges of their world to the highest degree. SAIS is proud to partner with you on that mission and we are here to assist you in every way.  >>Read more HERE.

Annual Conference Round-Up  


The 2013 SAIS Annual Conference drew attendees from across the region and country, as educators looked to glean fresh perspective and insight from innovators and leaders in their fields. The theme of many sessions was the increasingly global nature of our world and how that trend will impact schools and their mission to prepare students. From curricular and co-curricular changes, to international programs, to 21st century skills and forecasts of what to expect and how to prepare for the future, the directive was: times aren't changing, they've changed; get on board, or get left behind!  >>Conference wrap-up HERE.

SAIS Heads of School 
in Their Own Words
Succession Planning Series


The five-part series on succession planning was released as a booklet at the SAIS Annual Conference.  Here's a digital version.  Special thanks go out to all of the heads who were interviewed and contributed their thoughts and experiences to the project. Also, a very special thank you to SAIS educator Holly Chesser for conducting the interviews, organizing all of the thoughts and experiences, creating the framework for the quotations to make sense, and ultimately helping to keep the work true to the words and sentiments of the SAIS heads of school.

book review 
 David and Goliath


In Malcolm Gladwell's latest book, David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants, the world is turned upside down. Weaving together history, psychology, sociology, and economics, Gladwell posits that obstacles are not always disadvantageous and our greatest strengths do not always give us the beneficial results we assume they will. Understanding this, for Gladwell, is the first step towards success, for through that understanding comes the ability to make wiser choices in our personal and professional lives.  >>Read more HERE.

Admissions Forums

Various dates & locations across the region 


Create a road map for your school's strategic enrollment management process!  This workshop will help you understand the elements, aspects, and requirements of embarking on a strategic enrollment management plan. In addition, you will develop an understanding of the role and importance of tuition elasticity in your institutional financial model.
  • Highlight the importance of an admission & retention strategy, both short and long-term, and understand the need for a strategic enrollment management (SEM) plan for your school. 
  • Participants will be educated on the five key preliminary steps required before you embark upon the process of creating an SEM. In each of these areas, aspects such as those noted below will be examined.
Conference Review
Succession Planning
Book Review
Admissions Forums

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Calendar of Events
March 27-28
Finance Institute 
For heads & administrators who don't have a background in business or finance - learn to speak your CFO's language!

April 6-7 
Heads Leadership Retreat 
Growing Leaders in Your School 
Charleston, SC

June 15-17
Institute for Senior Administrators 
featuring Keith Evans & David Mahler

June 18-20 
Administrative Leadership Institute 
featuring Rob Evans & Michael Thompson

June 24-27 
Institute for Heads 
Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville NC
featuring Rob Evans & Michael Thompson

June 29-July 2
Institute for New Heads 
featuring Billy Peebles & Scott Wilson

Institutes for New Teachers 
June 24-26 Atlanta 
July 15-17 Charlotte 
July 22-24 Memphis
July 29-31 Atlanta

Blogs of Note
Rabbi Dr. Gil Perl, Dean of The Margolin Hebrew Academy in Memphis, TN, shares the status of a recent graduate, talented musician, and rising star, Ilan Eckhardt, who is winning on Israel's new reality TV show, HaKochav HaBa (The Rising Star).  
David Skeen, Director of Middle School at Canterbury School in Greensboro, NC, shares how its teachers are creating/using videos for blended learning. 
Julia Kuipers, World Languages Teacher at Trinity School in Atlanta, shares details of the Spanish/Latin American holiday El Dia de los Muertos, and how despite its chilling name "The Day of the Dead" is a time of remembrance and joyful celebration of life.   
Healthy People, Healthy Economy William W. Taylor, President of St. George's Independent School in Memphis, TN, discusses how a population's well-being and creativity can spur economic growth and job creation.

Michael Ehrhardt, Head of Cary Academy in Cary, NC, declares a weekend of no homework for his students, and discusses the importance of rest in academic performance. 

SAIS Stakeholder Survey Center Now Open!


  • Visit to see the new stakeholder surveys available to you and your school community.
  • SAIS has created a series of highly reliable and valid stakeholder surveys for you to use either in conjunction with a strategic visioning process or just to take the pulse of your community.  
  • Be sure to check out the video explanation, sample questions, timelines, and sample reports.