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April 2013

Should A School Pay It Forward? 
Two Profiles in Innovation and Transformation 


The current, urgent mantra in education is "innovate or die." In fact, in a recent editorial, Thomas Friedman shared Tony Wagner's exhortation to schools to change their focus from preparing students who are "college ready" to the far more pressing need to be "innovation ready." Many schools are feeling the heat. But what if a school is on that path, even ahead of the curve - should they pay it forward and share their stories of success? And, if so, how best might they engage the larger community in conversations around creating their own transformative cultures?  MORE ... 

8 Things Every Head Should Know About Fundraising

April 16 | Atlanta, GA


Facilitated by veteran development expert LINDA McNAY, this interactive day-long workshop will take a deep dive into the basic tenets of fundraising from the perspective of the head of school.  Info & registration at

FAST STATS by Jeffrey Mitchell, Tuscaloosa Academy
Is there BLOAT in Our Schools? 
Ratio of Administrators to Students 


In this Fast Stats the ratio of administrators to students in NAIS and SAIS independent schools is examined. A recent article states that "American schools suffer from constantly growing administrative bloat ... In the last 20 years, the number of K-12 administrators has increased 2.3 times faster than the number of students in school." This FastStats will examine whether there is empirical support for the claim that there is "bloat" in the American school system, at least for NAIS and SAIS independent schools. As always, SAIS schools will be compared to all NAIS schools and you can use the data to reflect on your particular situation. MORE ... 

Institute for Experienced Heads 

Sonesta Hilton Head Resort

Hilton Head Island, SC

June 25-28  


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MICHAEL THOMPSON and ROB EVANS lead this institute for heads and spouses, offering thoughtful dialogue and engagement with colleagues on key issues facing school heads.  Spouses who attend are included in all programs. 


Registration now open at  
The Multiplier Effect  


Imagine assuming a leadership role in a school today. The landscape has shifted considerably over the last decade. You'd probably be faced with the dual expectations to innovate and to economize. You'd be working in an organization whose structure, schedule, and standards were developed for the industrial age, but whose value is determined by the information age. Certainly, you'd recognize the need for buy-in, for the collective will of the faculty to support you. Yet, you'd also feel the keen sense of urgency to develop a pedagogical plan that would bring the organization into the 21st century in order to meet the needs of today and tomorrow's learners.  

Leadership Lessons from Lincoln 


One of the finest compliments I've heard about a leader in the last several months went something like this: "He always stops to speak or to listen, no matter where he's going or what's on his schedule. He probably has to be somewhere right now, but he's stopping to speak to someone who wants some of his time." This may seem insignificant unless you've ever worked with or for someone who simply was inaccessible. MORE ...  

Administrative Leadership Institute

June 19-21 | Atlanta, GA


MICHAEL THOMPSON and ROB EVANS lead this enriching opportunity on relational leadership for administrators who supervise adults, evaluate teachers, and/or work with parents.  Registration and schedule at

Institute for Senior Administrators 2.0 

June 24-26 | Atlanta, GA


KEITH EVANS and DAVID MAHLER will examine the nature of strategic leadership and pathways to continual growth, focusing on new leadership demands in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous). Register at 

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Reconsidering Vocational Education

Ted Sadtler, PLC Co-director and Lead Integration Specialist at The Westminster Schools (GA), asks what role vocational education might play in the future.


A Public Private Partnership to Shape the World

The Randolph School (AL) and Butler High School students present a plan to Huntsville's City Council to strengthen the city's labor force with a groundbreaking career exploration program.


A Story in Tweets

Jill Gough, Director of Teaching and Learning at The Trinity School (GA), offers the crowd's perspective on Tony Wagner and Madeline Levine's presentations via Storify.


Cyber-Bullying and the Law 

Jason Ramsden, Chief Technology Officer at Ravenscoft School (NC), keeps students abreast of changes in the law.


Bridget Gwinnett, Greensboro Day School (NC) Upper School Counselor, offers advice to parents on how to prepare their children for adulthood.


Embrace Boredom 

David Colon, Academic Dean at Collegiate School (VA), reflects on the value of letting your children explore feelings of boredom.


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Pedagogical Master Planning 
Lunch & Learn
with Bo Adams 
April 19
BO ADAMS, educational blogger and thinker, will discuss the need for Pedagogical Master Planning, and the processes, tools, and facilitation schools need to develop shared understanding, unified direction, and adaptive progress. 
Visit to register. 
2013 SAIS Member Needs Survey

The SAIS Member Needs Survey is now open.  Please take 5 minutes to give feedback on what services SAIS can provide to help you fulfill your school's mission.


 2013 SAIS Member Needs Survey 

Institute for 
New Heads 
June 17-19
Atlanta, GA
BILLY PEEBLES and SCOTT WILSON lead this program designed for heads new to headship (entering the first through third year) or just new to SAIS.  Details and info at
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Institute for 
New Teachers 
Charlotte, NC | July 15-17
Memphis, TN | July 22-24
Atlanta, GA | July 29-31 
Atlanta, GA | August 1-3
The Institute for New Teachers is an innovative and experiential must-attend workshop for every teacher new to teaching - or just new to the world of independent schools.  This hands-on institute covers many topics related to teaching in an independent school environment 

Registration now open at 
Accreditation Portal

The SAIS Accreditation Portal, an online tool to help your school experience accreditation digitally, has launched! Training is now available at SAIStalks here.