Summer 2014 
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The Endowment for Health and Sustainable Progress
-- by Sandy Pelletier, EH Board Chair
Sandy P

As I prepare to conclude my term on the Endowment for Health Board of Directors, I'd like to share my reflections on this wonderful organization. You might say I received a "baptism by fire" when I joined the Endowment for Health Board of Directors in 2008.

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The Power of Human Capital
-- by Steve Rowe, EH President

When people ask what we do at the Endowment for Health, I often say we're in the human capital construction business.  That's because good health is critical to the formation of human capital (i.e., the skills, knowledge and experience that enable people to be productive and work together).

I also remind people that human capital is critical to the success of a business or economy.  Without a strong human capital base, businesses and economies simply cannot thrive.

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Progress on EH Strategic Plan

The Endowment for Health has been a hotbed of activity, following the launch of the foundation's strategic plan last October.  The past nine months have involved significant planning for the Endowment's new priority areas.  This has also been a time for implementing and updating strategies for our existing priorities.

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Endowment for Health Examines Topic of Racial Equity





As part of the Endowment's new strategic plan, a health equity approach will be applied to all of its work across all priority areas.  While the foundation has had a priority area devoted to this issue, efforts are now underway to move away from a siloed approach and toward making health equity a fundamental principle in all that we do.  


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EH Launches New Website
Legislative Briefings
The Endowment for Health participated with community partners from key coalitions to brief policymakers on issues affecting New Hampshire's children.
Steve Rowe addresses policymakers on the importance of early childhood development at a recent SparkNH legislative briefing. Seated are Laura Milliken, SparkNH and Tom Raffio, Northeast Delta Dental. Jackie Cowell of SparkNH looks on.
Kim Firth of the Endowment for Health moderated a recent legislative briefing to present a Year One Progress Report of the NH Children's Behavioral Health Strategic Plan.
A recent meeting at the Governor's Office provided a briefing on Children's Mental Health Awareness Day and progress toward implementing the Children's Behavioral Health Strategic Plan. Pictured from left to right: Claudia Ferber, NAMI; Hanna Raiche, Youth MOVE; Amy Kennedy, Governor Hassan's Office; Kim Firth, Endowment for Health; Effie Malley, Children's Behavioral Health Collaborative.
New Hampshire Leaders Attend White House Convening on Immigrant Integration

New Hampshire and Massachusetts leaders  attended a recent White House convening on Immigrant Integration this week. From left to right are Janeth Orozco Sanchez, Welcoming NH; Cristina Aguilera, Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition; Kelly Laflamme, Endowment for Health; and Eva Castillo, NH Alliance for Immigrants and Refugees.

They joined nearly 200 immigrants, immigrant integration experts, and leaders of state and local governments from across the country. Welcoming America, the National Partnership for New Americans, and the White House have assembled this group to share best practices around immigrant integration and explore how the federal government can engage with communities on immigrant integration through policy.
Endowment Awards More Than $350,000 in Grants
Cartoon reporter


Concord, NH - The Endowment for Health, New Hampshire's largest health foundation, announced grant awards of more than $350,000 for the quarter.  Seventeen grants were made to support a variety of health-related projects.


"Four of the Endowment's recent grants will focus on a place-based initiative to create welcoming communities in New Hampshire," said Endowment for Health President Steve Rowe.  "Additional grants will be used to help bolster the capacity of the state's advocacy organizations, create infrastructure to support children's behavioral health, and track data related to early childhood development," he added.  


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