January 12th ~ January 18th

Queer Student Orgs, Groups & Programs

Meet at the Cantu unless otherwise noted.


11:30-1pm ~  Your Queer Career Peer! starts Jan26  New!

3-4:30 pm ~ Let's Talk! Drop-in CAPS support. New!

5:30-7pm ~ Queer Men's Group

7-10pm ~ Queer Geeks


12-2pm ~ Queers Abroad Peer Advising New Time!

12:30-2pm ~ Queer Grad Student Lunch. 2nd Tuesday every month. Meets at Grad Commons.

2-4 pm ~ Test. Talk. Split. HIV Testing & more.
4th Tuesday every month.
New time!

5-6:30pm - Familia X Student Org

6:30-9:30pm ~ Queer Coffeehouse with Crafty Queers. New!

8-9:30pm ~ Head-to-Head Gaymes  New!


1-2:30pm ~ QTPOC Group
New time!

2:30-3:30 ~ A Way with Words Writing Group New!

3:30-4:30pm ~ Queer Book Club

5-6:30pm ~ Queer Women's Group

7-10pm ~ Queer Student Union

12-2pm ~ D x 3 = Director Deb Drop In time  New!

5-6 pm ~ Love Beyond the Binary: Bi/Pan Safe Space
New time!  

6:30-8pm ~ All Faiths, All People  New!

8-9:30pm ~ LGBT STEM Meet Up  New!
5:30-7:30pm ~ Blender Trans and questioning.

7:30-9pm - Ace of Clubs Asexual Safe Space.


1-3pm ~ BLAQQ: Queer/Questioning African diaspora student group
1/17 & 2/21 at the Cantu
2/7 & 3/7 at the ERC Lounge




    Conan Doyle

"When a man does a queer thing, or two queer things, there may be a meaning to it, but when everything he does is queer, then you begin to wonder." 


Theta Pi Sigma
M,T,W,TH, 7:30 - 8pm Quarry Plaza

Rush for the world's first gender neutral org this week. Rides will be provided from the Quarry Plaza to the event and back to campus or off campus. Info night Monday, Gayme night Tues, Show & Tell Wed,  & Mocktail Thu.

                      Let's Talk!NEW!
Mondays, 3-4:30 pm
Cantu Queer Center 
CAPS counselor Brent Alsaker (who facilitates Queer Men's Group) will be having a weekly drop-in Lets Talk time
at the Cantu! Lets talk is a FREE, confidential, brief space to talk with a counselor, receive support & referrals

Queer Grad Student Lunch
Tues, 11/13, 12:30-2pm
Grad Student Commons
Join queer grad students for a healthy, yummy lunch and good conversation! Info: queer@ucsc.edu

Crafty Queers NEW!
rainbow yarn
Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30 pm
 Cantu Queer Center
This new group meets during Queer Coffeehouse.  We will be doing knitting--all levels are welcome.  

Head-to-Head Gaymes!  NEW!
Tuesdays, 8-9:30 pm
Cantu Queer Center
Do you love chess, backgammon, Go? Then GO to Queer Coffeehouse and play these two person gaymes!


PFLAG National Policy
Tues, 1/13, 7-9pm 
Peace United Church, 900 High, SC
Come hear about national PFLAG policy during the 2nd hour. Special guest, Cesar Hernandez. 
A Way With Words NEW!
Wed, 1/14,  2:30-3:30pm
Cantu Queer Center  
Come write and discuss compositions with a group of Slug peers (no writing background needed) at the Cantu's newest group! Chris for more info.  


Winter Mixer!   
Wed 1/14, 7-11pm 
Cantu Queer Center  
QSU endorses our wonderful winter queer mixer at the cozy Cantu. Hot chocolate. Warm welcome.

Living Writers Series: Cherrie Moraga
Thu, 1/15, 6 pm
Humanities Lecture Hall 206
This quarter's Living Writers Series celebrates the life, work, and legacy of Chicana feminist poet, theorist and UCSC alumna Gloria Anzaldúa. This first writer, Cherrie Moragais a Chicana lesbian writer, feminist activist, poet, and playwright. 

All Faiths, All People  NEW!
Thu, 1/15, 6:30-8 pm
Cantu Queer Center 
For students of all genders, sexualities, faiths, spiritualities and beliefs to discuss their experiences. This is a safe space for you to express your faith and share in the difficulties of being faithful while queer. Info/access: Liana
Queer Beer
Thu,1/15, 7-9pm 
Seabright Brewery,519 Seabright, SC
Join queer grad students & friends every third Thursday. Look for the table with the rainbow flag.

Thu, 1/15, 8-9:30pm
Cantu Queer Center
Are you a STEM major? Want to connect with other queer STEM peeps? Check out this new space to discuss issues, study, and get assignment/ project support. Snacks & hot coffee! Info: Pierre, email

Blender  trans symbol
Fri 1/16, 5:30-7:30pm  
Cantu Queer Center
Join our great Trans support group on campus.  Last Friday of month group is 
open to allies.

Sat, 1/17, 1-3pm 
Cantu Queer Center
Join queer & questioning African diaspora students!
There will be good food, company, and atmosphere! :D
We will also discuss a possible event in February, that will focus on the theme of Queer POC in the Civil Rights movement. So think Bayard Rustin, Stonewall, etc!

Triangle Speakers Training
Sat, 1/17, 7am- 4pm,
Community Foundation, 
7807 Soquel Dr, Aptos. 
Want to be a Triangle Speaker? Come to the training to be able to share your stories with people all over SC County about coming out, your transition, your struggles and triumphs as a queer/trans person. Open to everyone including allies. If you need a ride please contact me  here. Info & registration here
THE IMITATION GAME  popcorn, soda, movie reel, and admit one ticket
Daily at the Nickelodeon theater

210 Lincoln, SC

Turing, the genius British mathematician, logician, cryptologist and computer scientist who led the charge to crack the German Enigma Code that helped the Allies win WWII and went on to assist with the development of computers at the U of Manchester after the war, but was prosecuted by the UK government in 1952 for homosexual acts which were illegal. tickets 

 Upcoming Events    

Your Queer Career Peer! NEW!
Mondays, 11:30-1:30 pm, Cantu Queer Center
Career Center peer advisor, Sam, will show you how to write a strong resumé, find out about queer jobs and resources. Don't wait til you graduate! Info: queer@ucsc.edu 

Jandy Nelson and Annameekee Hesik Book Reading  
Wed, 1/28, 7pm  
Book Shop Santa Cruz, 1520 Pacific Ave, SC 
Both will be reading their new books. Annameekee is a local author of the exciting lesbian young adult book The You Know Who Girls. Don't miss this reading and signing! 


Tips. News.  
Clips. Reviews.
All things trans 
at UCSC.   

In Preventing Trans Suicides, "We Have Such A Long Way To Go"

Networks of the brain reflect the individual gender identity

Adebisi Alimi: Gay Nigerian Actor Puts His Sexuality In The Spotlight

Here Are All The Openly Gay CEOs In The Fortune 500
One in 4 millennials who grew up in a religion but now claim none say that an important reason for leaving was their childhood church's negative teachings or treatment of LGBT people.

Your QueerCareer

Q Activist

Paid LGBTQ Summer Congressional Internship
Accepting applications for the summer of 2015 

Deadline to apply: Monday, Jan 19th .
Apply here. 

Feb 27-28th ~ Asterisk Trans* Conference @UCR. register here

APRIL 10-11th, 2015 ~ BlaqOUT Conference @UCR
Apply here.

Info: queer@ucsc.edu
The campaign at UCSC is pleased to announce that there are 4 more all-gender bathrooms on campus: 2 in the entryway to the Police Dept and 2 more in the Music Recital Hall building. We appreciate both building managers for promptly getting new signage installed when they understood the need and process!Do YOU know of other single-stall bathrooms on campus that still have the gendered signage? Contact Cantu Director Deb Abbott. here
What has the Cantu done for you?
Welcome back all! We hope everyone had a relaxing break. We also hope you are ready for its 8, yes 8, new gatherings at the Cantu this quarter! 

In a collaboration with the Career Center, we're offering Your Queer Career Peer! every Monday where you can strengthen your job search skills and much more! Also on Mondays, out gay CAPS counselor Brent will host the anonymous drop in time Let's Talk. New intern, Pierre, will be launching a 2-person game night during Tuesday's Queer Coffeehouse called Head-to-Head Gaymes. And Sarah will be teaching knitting at Crafty Queers during coffeehouse, too! On Wednesdays, Chris will be facilitating an exciting new writer's group A Way with Words. Patrick will be back on Thursday nights to lead an LGBT STEM student group! And Liana is starting up All Faiths, All People for students who want to explore and discuss spiritual issues. Is the Cantu rockin' or what?

We are all ears, seeking your piercinglyhonest, constructive anonymous feedback, answering your probing questions, and soaking up your ringing praise about all things queer at UCSC at the Cantu.

Give your feedback 


Want to give your feedback and share your ideas in person? Director Deb is ALWAYS open to meeting with you. Her motto: "Don't talk about me. Talk to me." Email her here
Or drop by 

Deb's new talk space:

D x 3 = 
Director Deb Drop-In
Thursdays, 12-2.

At the Cantu, naturally. 

Trans-Sister Radio
by Chris Bohjalian

This riveting fictional novel about a trans woman who begins visibly transitioning later in life is written by a middle-aged middle class cis straight man who was so affixed with the process of a physical gender transition that he wrote a fictional novel about it.  Read about how Dana's physical transition consistently exists as the pivotal point of her gender identity.  Be astounded by how both before and after Dana's transition her character continues to lead a heteronormative lifestyle.

QReview provided by our own Queer Book Club facilitator, Adrian Diaz.
hands surrounding earth
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