December 1st~ December 7th

Queer Student Orgs/Groups @ the Cantú! 

5:30-7pm ~ Queer Men's Group 

7-10pm ~ Queer Geeks


1-3pm ~ Queers Abroad Peer Advising 

5-6:30pm - Familia X 

6:30-9pm ~ Queer Coffeehouse 


3:30-4:30pm ~ Queer Book Club

5-6:30pm ~ Queer Women's Group

7-10pm ~ Queer Student Union 


10am-noon ~ Test. Talk. Split. (HIV Testing and more)

1-2pm ~ Love Outside the Binary: Bi/Pan Safe Space

7-8:30pm ~ Queer People of Color (QPOC)
Meeting at The Cantu Queer Center
5:30-7:30pm ~ Blender (Trans/Genderqueer)

7:30-9pm - Ace of Clubs (Asexual Safe Space) 
For more about our queer student orgs & groups, go here! 


Student making video on Gender Representation 
Film participants for Julisa Lopez' project WANTED! Contact here

red ribbon


World AIDS Day Event

Mon, 12/1, UCSC

UCSC's SHOP will be participating in World AIDS Day by erecting three installations that focus onHIV/AIDS activism: at Kresge Bridge, the Health Center and OPERS.   


Professor Marcia Ochoa Discusses Transgender Studies  

Tue, 12/2, 6-8 pm 

Cantu Queer Center

Come meet Associate Professor Marcia                                  Ochoa as she visits Familia X and Queer Coffeehouse and discusses Trans  Studies. 
ΘΠΣ Fundraiser pizza
Tues, 12/2, 5-9pm, 
Woodstocks, 710 Front St, SC
Mention Theta Pi Sigma and 15 % of your order will be donated to make Queer Prom this year a huge success! 
Queer Book Club rainbow books
Wed, 12/3, 3:30pm 
Cantu Queer Center  
We will be discussing A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood. Join us!

"Wait, What Are You?"
Thu, 12/4, 5-7pm, Amah Mutsun Conference Rm, Bay Tree Building
The Mixed Ethnicities Student Headquarters (M.E.S.H.) would like to invite you to our final discussion of the quarter on being queer & mixed!

Sat, 12/6 1-3 pm, ERC Lounge 
A new group for Queer/Questioning African diaspora students! Come hang out with other students. Meets 1st & 3rd Saturdays all Winter quarter. 1st Sats @ the ERC and 3rd Sats @ the Cantu. Snacks! 

SF Gay Men's Chorus
Sun, 12/7, 5 pm, Peace United Church, 900 High St, SC.
The SF Gay Men's Chorus returns to Santa Cruz for their holiday concert! Proceeds will benefit the SC AIDS Project. Tickets here
 Upcoming Events  

Queer Grad Student Lunch
Tues, 12/9, 12:30-2pm, Graduate Student Commons
Join other queer grad students at this monthly luncheon. Terrific lunch; fabulous company. Bring your fellow queer lab mates and research buddies, too! 

Holiday Mixer
Tues, 12/9, 7-9pm, Peace United Church, 900 High St, SC.
PFLAG and the Transfamily Support Group of SC County are excited to welcome you to our holiday mixer: It will be a family atmosphere & potluck dessert.  Students from Soquel High School, Citlalli Robles and Jordan Koronkowski, will be performing.  

The Kinsey Sicks 
Thu, 12/11, 7:30pm,  Rio Theater, 1205 Soquel Ave, SC
A gay a cappella drag quartet is coming to town to perform their legendary Oy Vey in the Manger. Acclaimed for their succulence, sarcasm, and style, the group has been called "the hottest ticket in town, taking the cabaret world by storm" by the New York Times.Tickets here.

rainbow cake
Big Break!
Fri, 12/12, 6:30-9 pm, Oakes Learning Center
Celebrate the last week of classes by joining students at a big crafty, gamey, foodie bash!
Sponsored by all 6 resource centers and Oakes College.

Queer Quote


"When you're young and queer 
and closeted, you can end up
 in this place where you 
regard your straight peers 
as the enemy."

Tips. News.  
Clips. Reviews.
All things trans 
at UCSC.  

"Imagine feeling the way you feel, and feeling 
as masculine as you do and then you look down, and you have my body. How would you feel?"  NOAH

Accepting My Partner's Gender Transition

'True Trans' Premieres Final Episodes: Parenting & Acceptance


Who are you?
My name is Memo. Lit Major. PGP's: He, Him, His

What are your interests?
Some hobbies of mine are reading romance novels, going to the gym, and watching out for fashion, whether it's shopping or just looking at what people are wearing.

What does the Cantu mean to you?
The Cantu is a really fun and safe place where I love to go because I can always find my good friends there and have really debatable conversations that completely relate to my everyday struggles and questions.
                 QConferences                           Your QueerCareer

Feb 27-28th ~ Asterisk Trans* Conference @ UCR
  register here

APRIL 10-11th, 2015 ~ BlaqOUT Conference @UCR info

Info: queer@ucsc.edu

What has the Cantu done for you?
We're hoping everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving Day break! The Cantú hosted a truly amazing Queer Community Feast on Thursday. MUCH love and energy went into the preparations. There were ~45  happy students in attendance and more than 30 delicious items on the menu--nearly all home cooked, organic, and vegan/ vegetarian! Huge props to the many Cantu interns and volunteers who made this event possible: Damon and Sha get the gold medal for their incredible efforts in fundraising, planning, publicizing, cooking, baking, and cleaning up. Many others including Chris, Nathan, Margarito, and Karren stayed up til the wee hours, doing whatever needed doing. Deb shopped til she nearly dropped and basted & tasted til the yams turned out right! What a night!

We are all ears, seeking your piercingly honest, constructive anonymous feedback, answering your probing questions, and soaking up your ringing praise about all things queer at UCSC at the Cantu.

     Give your feedback 


Want to give your feedback and share your ideas in person? Director Deb is ALWAYS open to meeting with you. Her motto: "Don't talk about me. Talk to me." Email her here.

Tipping the Velvet
by Sarah Waters

Imbued with a Dickensian sensibility, Waters' coming-of-age novel features a young woman who falls in love with a male impersonator in Victorian London.

Check it out from the Cantu library! 

 QReview provided by our own Queer Book Club facilitator, Adrian Diaz.
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