November 17th ~ November 23rd

Queer Student Orgs/Groups @ the Cantú! 
5:30-7pm ~ Queer Men's Group 

7-10pm ~ Queer Geeks


1-3pm ~ Queers Abroad Peer Advising 

5-6:30pm - Familia X 

6:30-9pm ~ Queer Coffeehouse 


3:30-4:30pm ~ Queer Book Club 

5-6:30pm ~ Queer Women's Group 

7-10pm ~ Queer Student Union 


10am-noon ~ Test. Talk. Split. (HIV Testing and more) 

1-2pm ~ Love Outside the Binary: Bi/Pan Safe Space 

7-8:30pm ~ Queer People of Color (QPOC)Meeting at The Cantu Queer Center


5:30-7:30pm ~ Blender (Trans/Genderqueer)

7:30-9pm - Ace of Clubs (Asexual Safe Space)

For more about our queer student orgs & groups, go here!

You don't need a good reason to stop by the Cantu.

You don't need to be queer to stop by the Cantu.

The Cantú welcomes you no matter your identities,  
your mood,  
your state of mind, 
your fashion statement.

Just come chill
in our cabin atop Crown Hill.



kzsc closet free radio Closet Free Radio!kzsc closet free radio
Mon, 7-8:30pm 88.1 FM KZSC
Tune in weekly!

Queers Abroad Workshop Comes to the Cantu!

Thursday: Transgender Day of Remembrance
The Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), held annually on November 20th, is a day in which groups across the world gather to remember those that have been brutally murdered due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. During this time, we also recognize the disproportionate impact of this violence on trans women of color. Learn more here.

red ribbon Test. Talk. Split. HIV Testing and More!
Thu, 11/20, 10-noon
Cantu Queer Center
Free and confidential testing and safer sex info every week!

bisexual flag Love Outside the Binary
Thu, 11/20, 1-2 pm
Cantu Queer Center
Come join our juicy convos about identity, fluidity, feminism, the words 'pan-' and 'bisexual' and much more! Coffee, tea, and snacks. 
Queer Beer!
Thu, 11/20, 7pm 
- ?
Seabright Brewery
519 Seabright Ave, SC
Join queer UCSC graduate students, faculty, staff, and friends every 3rd Thursday for no-host good drinks, conversation, and food. Look for the rainbow on the table outside info:
                       Upcoming Events  

Queer Community Harvest Feast!
Thu, 11/27, 10am - 10 pm, Food at 5 pm
Cantu Queer Center
Come cook, bake, eat, talk, laugh, and learn! All queer, questioning and queer-friendly students welcome! Our doors will open at 10 am to prepare our feast. We will have munchies throughout the day and our meal at 5 pm. This will be a vegan/vegetarian friendly feast! After dinner, we will hang out, play gaymes, watch films, and enjoy. While we will not endorse Thanksgiving in its traditional sense, we will GIVE THANKS to our queer/allied families of choice as we gather at the Cantu. RSVP'S APPRECIATED SO WE HAVE PLENTY OF FOOD! 
RSVP here. INFO/ACCESS:  Damon Chadic: dchadic@ucsc.edu
Thanks to the Dean of Students' office for its generous support.
Submit your stories! Untold Stories:
rainbow booksNarratives of Young Gifted and Gay
Deadline 11/30! 
Accepting various types of literary works. Submissions can be made anonymously, using a pseudonym

World AIDS Day
Mon, 12/1, 6-7:30pm 
Louden Nelson Center, Rm 5,  301 Center St, SC

Join this honoring and candle lit walk to the clock tower (weather permitting.)


ΘΠΣ Fundraiser
Tues, 12/2, 5-9pm Woodstocks, 710 Front St, SC
Mention Theta Pi Sigma and 15 % of your order will be donated to make Queer Prom this year a huge success! 

SF Gay Men's Chorus 
Sun, 12/7, 5pm, 
Peace United Church, 900 High St, SC.
The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus returns to Santa Cruz for their annual holiday concert! This year the Chorus will be joined by the San Jose Choral Project and the proceeds will go to benefit the Santa Cruz AIDS Project. Tickets here.
The Kinsey Sicks 
Thu, 12/11 7:30pm,  Rio Theater, 1205 Soquel Ave, SC
A gay a cappella drag quartet is coming to town to perform their legendary Oy Vey in the Manger. Acclaimed for their succulence, sarcasm, and style, the group has been called "the hottest ticket in town, taking the cabaret world by storm" by the New York Times.Tickets here. 

Tips. News.  
Clips. Reviews.
All things trans at UCSC.
  1. We are taught to assign secondary sexual characteristics (ie. breasts, facial hair, vocal resonance, etc...) to gender without taking into account a person's personal gender identity when referring to them. A general misconception of the trans community is that all of its people strive for the same goals when transitioning (i.e. possessing all the attributes of what we consider to be that of men or women.) There are many reasons for why trans people may or may not decide to undergo hormone replacement therapy and/or various surgeries to manipulate their secondary sexual characteristics as a means of appearing more masculine or feminine. Such may be medical, financial, cultural, and/or personal. Many trans people don't identify within the binary (male and female) gender system our culture enforces and claim a non-binary identity under which countless gender identities exist and it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they wish to undergo surgeries and/or hormone replacement therapy. We need to respect trans identities for what they are and not dehumanize the individuals who do not appear to us initially as male or female. A trans woman's body is a woman's body and a trans man's body is a man's body regardless of the secondary sexual characteristics we observe and use to define gender. We need to let go of our ideas of what gender looks like .

QTips by Blender, UCSC's trans student group. 

 Andrew Hutton

Who are you?
 My name is Andrew but lots of people call me Curlz. I'm a 4th year Neuroscience and Psychology double major. My PGP is Xe and I identify as queer.

What are your interests/ hobbies?
My interests are pretty mundane. I really enjoy video games and my fair share of anime. I am also very musical and almost never stop singing (sorry housemates) and when I can, I try to make it to the pool for a swim.

What does the Cantu mean to you?
To me the Cantu is my on-campus retreat. Any time I'm in between classes and want to feel at home without taking a bus back to my apartment, I always head up (way up) to the Cantu. I can always catch a quick nap on the couches, or get lost in a good conversation with pretty much anyone who is around.

Want to be featured in QYou? Let Us Know! We welcome all staff, faculty, students, and alumni.

Pretty pumpkin please?

                 QConferences                                   Your QueerCareer
Feb 27-28th ~ Asterisk Trans* Conference @ UCR
  register here

APRIL 10-11th, 2015 ~ BlaqOUT Conference @UCR info

Info: queer@ucsc.edu

Deadline 11/21

Internship opportunity that focuses on LGBTQ issues within the youth and young adult population. Email for more  info. 

What has the Cantu done for you?

L A ! 

A resounding success of our first mixer for African diaspora students! So much so that students have decided to meet on 1st and 3rd Saturdays into the future. Mark your calendars for Saturday, Dec 6th. Time and location/s TBA.

Are you in town for the Thanksgiving holiday? Don't be picking at your microwaved meal alone in your room or eating in the dining hall as usual when you can come to the Cantu and join in our cooking, conversing, eating extravaganza! RSVP here. Cantu Interns Damon Chadic and Sha Wheeler have been busy planning the menu so you can have a scrumptious feast! Please spread the word to any queer, questioning, queer friendly students who are on campus or in town for the holiday.



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Want to give your feedback and share your ideas in person? Director Deb is ALWAYS open to meeting with you. Her motto: "Don't talk about me. Talk to me." Email her here.


No one has the right to demand that your body be something other than what it is."
Agnostic Zetetic

Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots?

by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
This collection of essays challenges the hypocrisy of mainstream gay norms that supposedly oppose homophobia yet still favor "straight acting" gay men, and the commonality of misogyny and transmisogyny found in cis white gay male culture. Sycamore, a San Francisco based author and activist, offers a perspective that "challenges masculinity, objectification, and the desire to conform" in our vast queer community.
QReview provided by our own Queer Book Club facilitator, Adrian Diaz.
hands surrounding earth
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