Queer Student Orgs/Groups @ the Cant˙!
5-6:30pm ~ 
Queer Writing Group 
7-10pm ~ Queer Geeks 
5-6:30pm - Women's Group  
6:30-9pm ~ Queer Coffeehouse 
3:30-4:30pm ~ Queer Book Club (1st & 3rd)
4-5:30pm - Love Outside the Binary
(2nd & 4th) 
5:30-7pm ~ Men's Group
7-10pm ~ Queer Student Union
5:30-7pm ~ Familia X 
7-8:30pm ~ QPOC
4-5pm ~ Queer Writing Circle 
5:30-7:30pm ~ Blender

7:30-9pm - Ace of Clubs, Asexuality Group  


For more about our queer student orgs & groups, go here.  

Fri, 5/9, 5-8 pm,
Cantu Queer Center 
Even if you missed last week's session, ALL trans*/ genderqueer students are MOST welcome to attend this amazing workshop on safety and empowerment! 
PRIDE Picnic
Fri, 5/9, 4-6pm, College Ten Quad
This picnic will give residents a chance to participate in May is so Gay festivities! Residents will be able to epicnic spreadnjoy the weather while they do henna, face-paint, and blow bubbles. There will also be ice cream, nachos, and refreshments available.
17th Annual Queer Youth Leadership Awards

Sat, 5/10, 5:30-9:30pm, 250 Washburn Ave, Capitola

Join us in celebrating and honoring queer youth and allies for the 17th Annual Queer Youth Leadership Awards. Tix at info@QYLA.org.  


Violence Prevention Convention

Sat, 5/10, 10:30am-4:30pm, Merrill Cultural Center

SAFE (Sexual Assault Facts and Education) at SHOP will be hosting a free day-long conference focusing on preventing violence in our community. There will be free lunch from Zoccolli's and SEVERAL workshops focused on violence prevention in the Queer community.  


Self-defense for Transfeminine/Assigned-Male Students!

Sun, 5/11, 10am - 5pm, Cantu Queer Center

An all-day class to empower transfeminine folks. Info: dabbott@ucsc.edu 


Drop-in Tutoring at the Cant˙
Math: Mondays 10:30am-4:30pm with Chris
Spanish and Biology:
Thursdays 1:30-3:30pm with Carlos
Math, Science, and Writing:
Fridays 11am-5pm with Mazikeen
New at the Cant˙!
rainbow yarn Knit and Bull*hit!
Tuesdays @ Queer Coffeehouse

A knit/crochet/general craft group open to all! All levels welcome. Supplies & instruction provided.Comfy couches, friendly people, coffee, tea & snacks!

Peer Advising for Study Abroad

Wednesdays, 1-3 pm

Come learn about Study abroad options! 

Cotorreando--Spanish Chat! 

Thursdays, 1:30-3:30 pm

All fluency levels welcome! Hosted by Carlos  

                            Upcoming Events 


Lunch Queer Grad Student Luncheon
Tues, 5/13, 12:30-2 pm, Grad Student Commons
Join other queer graduate students for a healthy, yummy lunch and some convivial conversation. Info: dabbott@ucsc.edu


Queers Abroad Workshop

 Tues, 5/13, 7-8pm, Cant˙ Queer Center

Learn more about Study Abroad options. We are also looking for Study Abroad Returnees that identify as LGBTQIA to volunteer to assist the Programs Abroad Office in providing practical advice, from your personal experience abroad, for students who are thinking about studying abroad! Info: cjhanson@ucsc.edu


PFLAG PFLAG Santa Cruz Monthly Meeting

Tues, 5/13, 7-9pm, 900 High St. SC. 

Please join us as we hear from some of the nominees and awardees from the 17th Annual Queer Youth Leadership Awards. They will share their personal stories about their LGBTQ/Ally work in the community and the various levels of support they receive from their families. 

   Weds, 5/14, 6:30pm, 
Namaste Lounge
Gloria Anzlald˙a was a Chicana-tejana-lesbian-feminist poet, theorist, and fiction writer from South Texas who passed away in 2004. She was the author of Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza (Aunte Lute, 1987). Info: elcentro@ucsc.edu
Queer Arts Cafe
Thurs, 5/15, 6-7pm, Namaste Lounge C9
Celebrate Queer Creativity and Strong Community!  Make beaded bracelets and other jewelry, fabulous buttons, colorful cards, and "Queero" collages. Info: fpatail@ucsc.edu

Queer Beer!
Thurs, 5/15, 8:30-10 pm, 519 Seabright, Ave, SC  
Look for the rainbows on the tables. Join queer UCSC grad students and friends for conversation and (no-host) food and drinks. Info: errgreen@ucsc.edu

Queer Fashion Show 
Fri, 5/16 & Sat, 5/17, 8pm, Porter Dining Hall
Come out and dress up as your favorite video gayme identity for this year's Queer Fashion Show! Join us as we take control and advance to the next level. Tix in the Quarry Plaza from 5/5 - 5/16. All proceeds will be donated to the SC AIDS Project and The Diversity Center. Together, it will be GAME OVER for oppression. Get involved! Info: qfs2014@gmail.com 

Thu, 5/22, Cantu Queer Center
Stop by all day to watch films about gay icon Harvey Milk! Milk & cookies! Learn more about Harvey Milk here.


Thu, 5/22, 8pm, Cant˙ Queer Center

Come read or perform your poem or one of your fave queer writers! Musicians and dancers also welcome to perform!  Collab of Kinetic Poetics Project, Familia X, QPOC, TPS & Cant˙

Rainbow Challah & 'The Bubble'!
Thu, 5/29, 7pm, Hillel, 222 Cardiff Pl. (next to 7-11)
Come bake Rainbow Challah & watch 'The Bubble', an award winning film about an Israeli man and a Palestinian man who fall in love. Buy challah that night or in Quarry Plaza on Fri, from 11am-1pm. Proceeds benefit Queer Youth Leadership Awards and Camp Kesem. Info: jocelyn@santacruzhillel.org

Fri, 5/30, 8pm-12am, C9/10 Multipurpose Rm 
The moment you've all been waiting for is here...IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD! Theta Pi Sigma and the Queer Student Union are inviting YOU to come dance like there's no tomorrow. Amazing student performances and music to keep you grooving. Tix are $2 but no one will be turned away. All proceeds to the Cant˙ Queer Center. Come and celebrate before it's too late! Info: thetapisigma@gmail.com 

Sat, 5/31, 12-5pm, March: Noon, Quarry Plaza.  Festival: 2pm, Kresge Lower St 
Come out and celebrate the Queer and allied community, an all inclusive and completely free campus wide event.  Info: jehhuynh@ucsc.edu 

Sun, 6/1, 11-4pm, downtown Santa Cruz
Come OUT and celebrate pride with your campus and community!
Info here.  
Sun, June 1st 10am, Pacific Ave downtown 
This is a call to all UCSC queer and ally students, staff, and faculty to come join us as we march together with banana slug spirit. Email Jamie at jsepstei@ucsc.edu 

rainbow graduation
Thu, 6/12, 4-6:30 pm, Women's Center
Mark your calendars for our amazing year-end ceremony! Invite friends & family! Register here!
Dear Sexi Sami, I am a cis woman and I have never questioned my gender. I have a few friends who are genderqueer and this made me think about what gender is. What is gender? Gender is so confusing. Signed, Gender Girl

Sexi Sami Sez, Whoa, this one is complex! There is a *lot* more to it than can be laid out here, but I think I can give you a crash course! The easiest way to explain gender is how you experience yourself, and self-experience isn't limited to one, two, or even three genders. In fact, there are an infinite number of possible conceptualizations of gender! Gender is a social-biological construct that isinfluenced by biology, and is largely defined by tradition and social expectations surrounding anatomy. As a result, in Western culture, gender is often assigned to someone at birth based on whether they are a vagina owner, a penis owner, or in the case of many intersex people, what the doctor/parents think the baby's anatomy most resembles. ...READ MORE!   


Submit your question to Sexi Sami here!

What Has The Cant˙
Done For You?
Minerva Magdalene 

Who are you? 

My name is Minerva. I'm a fourth-year Crown student and a Feminist Studies major. My pronouns are she & her. I am a dyke-identified, male-assigned, female person with the experience of growing up transgender. I am a polyamorous and polysexual domme. The Queer Community and I are no longer sleeping together, but we are still on good terms.    


What has the Cant˙ done for you? 

It has given me different kinds of support for different times in my life. Soft spaces and hard lessons. Today, I'm an out, independent, broke trans woman and they're paying me this year and I am so thankful for that. 


What can we do to make queer spaces more hospitable for trans folks? 
Don't make the mistake of thinking that the "trans community" is one unified group with the same needs, privileges, or experiences. Check and call out transmisogyny, cissexism, and racism in yourself, your relationships, and your social groups. (Because each of those things hurts different parts of the trans community in different ways.) That is hard work, but at least it is simple. 
May 3rd ~ 'You Are You' Photography Book, Documents Camp For Gender-Nonconforming Kids

May 3rd ~ Transgender Navy Sailor, On Being Discharged And His Documentary Project

May 1st ~ Releasing 'The Invisibles: Vintage Portraits of Love and Pride'

April 29th ~ U.S. Department of Education Extends Title IX Protections to Trans Students


Part One of Trans*/ Genderqueer Self Defense last Friday was amazing! Part Two will be held this Friday (5-8pm) and we hope all trans* & genderqueer folks will come! On Sunday, all transfeminine assigned-male folks are encouraged to take part in an all day self-defense class. (Details above.)

ARE YOU QUEER OR AN ALLY? HAVE YOU REGISTERED FOR RAINBOW CEREMONY YET? If not, go here. Rainbow Ceremony is am amazing culmination and celebration of UCSC queerness. If you're NOT graduating, DO plan to attend (Thu, June 12th, 4-7 pm, Women's Center) to support graduating students. We also need volunteers! Contact Director Deb for more info: dabbott@ucsc.edu

We are SUPER proud of the Cant˙ Queer Center's lead intern Lesley-Reid Harrison who has been honored with the student 
Chancellor's Achievement Awards for Diversity this year. Lesley, who grew up in South Africa, began her activism at an early age. During her years at UCSC, she has been an outstanding advocate for many causes. DO drop by the Cant˙ soon and congratulate Lesley.




The Mayor of Castro Street: The Life and Times of Harvey Milk
by Randy Shilts

This biography of Harvey Milk incorporates a history of queer life in San Francisco and a recount of the continuing fight for basic human rights regarding LGBT justice in California, through a process of tracing Harvey Milk's journey as an activist and openly gay man in a period when homosexuality was still widely seen as a deviancy.  His work for human rights is widely recognized and acknowledged globally as a major piece of queer history. 


Come CHECK IT OUT at the Cant˙ Queer Center library. We've added many new titles to our already burgeoning collection!

Enroll Now: EDUC 135: Gender and Education 

Summer Session 1 (6/23-7/25) Tu/Th 1:00-4:30pm 
Through a variety of mediums, we will explore the difficult terrain of gender and sexual identity, how race differentiates the responses and experiences of children and youth, and the role that schools play in the construction of these identities. Info:  errgreen@ucsc.edu


Intern at Outfest 

Outfest is currently hiring for two paid summer internship positions for current undergraduate students: Outreach and Programming intern. Info here.


June 14th-July 4th ~ CETLAIC LGBTQ Summer LGBT Spanish program. Mexico.  


More upcoming queer conferences here


"That's one of the things that "queer" can refer to: the open mesh of possibilities, gaps, overlaps, dissonances and resonances, lapses and excesses of meaning when the constituent elements of anyone's gender, of anyone's sexuality aren't made (or can't be made) to signify monolithically.

hands surrounding earth
Keep the Cant˙ Strong!