Queer Student Orgs/Groups @ the Cantú!
5-6:30pm ~ 
Queer Writing Group 
7-10pm ~ Queer Geeks 
5-6:30pm - Women's Group  
6:30-9pm ~ Queer Coffeehouse 
3:30-4:30pm ~ Queer Book Club (1st & 3rd)
4-5:30pm - Love Outside the Binary
(2nd & 4th) 
5:30-7pm ~ Men's Group
7-10pm ~ Queer Student Union
5:30-7pm ~ Familia X 
7-8:30pm ~ QPOC
4-5pm ~ Queer Writing Circle 
5:30-7:30pm ~ Blender 


For more about our queer student orgs & groups, go here.  

Drop-in Tutoring at the Cantu
Math: Mondays 10:30am-4:30pm with Chris
Spanish and Biology:
Thursdays 1:30-3:30pm with Carlos
Math, Science, and Writing:
Fridays 11am-5pm with Mazikeen
New at the Cantú! 
Cotorreando--Chat in Spanish! All fluency levels welcome. Hosted by Carlos every Thursday, 1:30-3:30pm

Queer Geeks Murder Mystery Night
Mon, 4/21, 7-10pm, Cantú Queer Center
Queer Geeks is hosting a night of murder, magic and mystery! Come and try to solve the murder of one of your fellow Geeks in an alternate railroad 1920's theme. We will be serving food! Dressing up is in no way required, though it might make it fun for you. 


Mia Mingus speaks at UCSC about Disability Justice   
Tues, 4/22, 6-7:30pm, Stevenson Event Center (open to all) 
Grad Student Luncheon: 4/23, 12-2pm,Cowell Provost House-MUST RSVP AT: solidari@ucsc.edu
Mia Mingus, an Oakland-based, nationally-recognized organizer, community organizer, and writer, will visit UCSC to speak about disability justice and transformative justice. Mia has traveled the country speaking about myriad frameworks for dismantling oppression, from racial justice to reproductive justice to queer liberation. Info: solidari@ucsc.edu


Peer Advising for UCSC Study Abroad Program

Wednesdays, 1-3pm, Cantú Queer Center

Info: Chris Hanson: cjhanson@ucsc.edu


 UCSC Take Back the Night 2014: Metamorphosis: Honoring the Strength of Change
Weds, 4/23, 5:30pm, Rally: Quarry Plaza, March: throughout campus, 8pm Testimonials: Oakes steps near Guzman Room
 Free. Open to survivors, supporters, and allies. Info: women@ucsc.edu.

UCSC Take Back the Week 2014
4/23-4/36, Various locations throughout campus 

New Queer Writing Circle Begins This Week!

Fridays, 4-5pm  

Cantú Queer Center

A new Queer Writing Circle (2nd & 4th) led by Rose and Mazikeen will be available for writers who want to have a space to explore new works or expand their writing.  Every 1st and 3rd Friday, there will be a Queer Reading Circle, where writers will be able to have their work read and workshopped. All writing levels and identities welcome.


Sophia Guadalupe Garcia-Robles Training and Conference Room Dedication

Fri, 4/25, 4pm, Hahn Student Services 

 A valued member of our community, join us in honoring the late Sophia Guadalupe Garcia-Robles by taking part in this room dedication ceremony. More info here. 


Lavender Reception during Alumni Reunion Weekend  
Sat, 4/26, 4-5:30pm, Cantú Queer Center 
Come join GLBTIQ alumni and mingle with the Cantú staff and students. Refreshments. Info: Deb Abbott, dabbott@ucsc.edu

art GALA Gallery: Featuring Josh Katz and HISC-80L Queer Theory Student Work

Cantu Queer Center 

The GALA Gallery at the Cantú Queer Center generally features exhibits by UCSC students, staff, faculty, and alumni, all interested artists are welcome to contact our gallery curator, Alphonso Ramirez at aramir14@ucsc.edu. Stop by the center to check out our latest exhibits! More info here. 

                            Upcoming Events 


Queers Abroad Workshop

Tues, 5/13, 7-8pm, Cantú Queer Center

We are looking for Study Abroad Returnees that identify as Queer or LGBTQIA to volunteer to assist the Programs Abroad Office in providing practical advice, from your personal experience abroad, for students who are thinking about studying abroad! Volunteer/info: cjhanson@ucsc.edu

Queer Arts Cafe
Thurs, 5/15, 6-7pm, Namaste Lounge
Celebrate Queer Creativity and Strong Community!  Make beaded bracelets and other jewelry, fabulous buttons, colorful cards, and "Queero" collages. Info: fpatail@ucsc.edu

Mark your calendars for: 
Sat, 5/31, 12-5pm, March: Noon, Quarry Plaza.  Festival: 2pm, Kresge Lower St 
Come out and celebrate the Queer and allied community, an all inclusive and completely free campus wide event.  Info: jehhuynh@ucsc.edu 

Sun, 6/1, 11-4pm, downtown Santa Cruz
Come OUT and celebrate pride with your campus and community!
Info here.

Thu, 6/12, 4-6:30 pm, Women's Center
Mark your calendars for our amazing year-end ceremony! Invite friends & family! Register here!

Dear Sexi Sami,

I am a freshman (PGP she/her). I have been questioning my sexuality. I've always dated men, but now I'm starting to explore women. I haven't had full on sex yet and I'm not really sure how to go about it. I've made out and really liked it, but I get nervous once it starts going any further. How can I become confident having sex with the girl I like now?

Signed, Performance Anxiety at Porter


Sexi Sami Sez: Sexi Sami gets positively slimey hearing you want to learn all about girl sex! There are so many great books, blogs and videos that explore that hot topic. For how-to-get-it-on details, start with The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, 2nd ed. (Newman) and The New Lesbian Sex Book (Castor). You can follow Jincey Lumpkin on Twitter (Juicy Pink Box). You can check out Suzie Sexpert's columns online. That's just the tip of the iceberg...READ MORE   


[If link does not take you to the rest of the answer, please try again tomorrow! We're working the glitches out of our new column!] 


Submit your question to Sexi Sami here!

What Has The Cantú
Done For You?


Damon Chadic


Who are you? 

My name is Damon Chadic. I was born in San Diego, California. I identify as a Queer man. I am a Computer Science Major. I am into gardening and I play the base guitar. I like math and I'm interested in learning about Queer theory and Race Critical Studies.  


What has the Cantú done for you? 

The Cantú has provided me with a stronger sense of community at UCSC as well as  with a safe space from the pressures of a hetero -normative society. I also got the opportunity to gain a work study jobwhere I have gained experience dealing with campus financing, meeting facilitation, and networking with off- campus orgs. I have made a bunch of friends through the center.


Has UCSC been a supportive space for you? 

When I was in high school, I was 'Out' to pretty much everyone I knew.  I was very involved in the community. When I came to UCSC, I felt uncomfortable being out. It was as if I 'Re-Closeted' myself. I lived in College 8 and found that there were micro aggressions and groups where I felt that it wasn't safe. The first two years at UCSC, I stayed closeted. Then I started to caring and started coming to Cantú and got a lot of support at the center. In general, I feel like UCSC is perceived as a diverse and liberal place, but I don't feel like those notions don't really reflect the reality of the campus.  



April 20th ~ What Happens When Your Spouse Comes Out: 6 Unrealistic Expectations




April 19th ~ How A Gay Ugandan Teen Was Thrown Out Of His Home, Arrested And Tortured




April 18th ~ Mayor Who Fired Lesbian Police Chief Caught On Tape In Homophobic Tirade




April 18th ~ 'The Normal Heart' Trailer: Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer And Julia Roberts Star In HBO's Adaptation 




We are outrageously, over-the-top, wildly busy here at the Cantu! Our space is full of students studying and working on queer Spring programs. Student led orgs and groups are happening literally every evening of the week. Come get involved!

New at the Cantu for this week is Rose and Mazikeen's Writers/ Readers Circles every Friday. (Details above! Molly's writing group on Mondays is going strong, so come to one or come to all, literary ones!

Also new on Wednesdays is peer-led advising from UCSC''s Study Abroad program!

One of the 'isms' that rarely gets addressed within the queer community is that of ableism. This Tuesday, DO NOT MISS the dynamic talk by queer activist (and person with a disability) Mia Mingus (details above).

Students just got back from the Out & Greek Conference in San Diego with mixed reviews. BLAQOUT conference attendees at UCR had a terrific, empowering time! Another big contingent is attending the QPOC conference this weekend. The Cantu is proud to offer staff and financial support to make sure UCSC queer students get to network with queer university students throughout the state!

Please come join us THIS SATURDAY 4-5:30 pm for the Lavender Reception during Alumni Reunion Weekend. It is always a very wonderful gathering of former and current queer UCSC students. We'll have a nice spread of appetizers.

  Redefining Realness
 by Janet Mock 

Mock calls her memoir "My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More".  This is a memoir that offers a bold and inspiring perspective on being young, multi-cultural, economically challenged, and transgender in America.  Mock, a trans woman of color, offers a unique perspective of holding various facets of identity that completes who an individual is.

 Enroll Now: EDUC 135: Gender and Education 

Summer Session 1 (June 23-July 25) Tu/Th 1:00-4:30pm 
Through a variety of mediums, we will explore together the difficult terrain of gender and sexual identity, how race differentiates the responses and experiences of children and youth, and the role that schools play in the construction of these identities. More info: Professor Erik Green:


Do you identify as lesbian, gay or bi? If so, have your voice be heard! Participate in the LGB Media Study and be entered for a chance to win a gift certificate! To participate, contact undergrad researcher Jay Lykens: 

May 2nd-3rd ~  QPOC Conference. San Diego State.  


May 2nd-4th ~ QACON Queer & Asian Conference. UC Berkeley


June 14th-July 4th ~ CETLAIC LGBTQ Summer LGBT Spanish program. Mexico.    


More upcoming queer conferences here
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Keep the Cantú Strong!