Queer Student Orgs @ the Cantú!
5-6:30 pm Women's Gp
(starts Jan 27th)

7-10 pm, Queer Geeks
(starts this week!)

7-9 pm, Queer Coffeehouse
(starts this week!)

3:30-4:30 pm  Queer Book Club (1st & 3rd;
starts Jan 15th)

5:30-7 pm Men's Group
(starts Jan 22nd)

7-10 pm, Queer Student Union

6:30-8 pm, QPOC

8-9:30 pm, Familia X

2-3:30 Bi/pan (1st & 3rd)
2-3:30 Pan Talk
(2nd & 4th)

5:30-7:30 pm, Blender
(starts this week) 



Welcome back, one and all! We hope everyone had a restorative and enjoyable Winter break. 


We're excited about the many queer student programs that are in the works for this quarter. DO check out the Upcoming section below to learn more. 


OUR BIG UNDERGRAD WINTER MIXER IS NEXT TUESDAY, JAN 14TH, 7-11pm! BE THERE AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS, QUEER AND ALLIED! Theta Pi Sigma and the Cantu are collaborating to decorate the Cantu Queer Center to be a warm & cozy MINGLE SPACE. We'll be setting up a DANCE SCENE in the nearby Baobab Room for everyone who wants to move & groove to tha beat! Queer Geeks will also have a GAYME ROOM set up in the Merrill Reading Room (next door to the Baobab). As usual, there will be 1-minute SHOUT OUTS around 8 pm so you can learn all of the latest & greatest news that the student groups have to present. And there will be plenty to eat and drink, too. Do. Not. Miss. It.


The Queer Men's Group is back! We're thrilled that out gay psychotherapist, Brent Alsaker, has joined the CAPS team. He worked with queer students and the GLBT Resource Center at UC Davis for many years. He's looking forward to meeting students at the Winter Mixer next week. His office is at Merrill College, so he'll become a familiar face at the Cantu. Brent will be leading the weekly queer men's group starting Wednesday, January 22nd, from 5:30-7pm, at the Cantu. He is seeking YOUR input about what you want that group to be. The group is open to all gay, bi, trans*, and queer self-identified men. 


The Queer Women's Group will continue to meet on Mondays, from 5-6:30pm, starting Jan 27th, under the terrific facilitation of out bi-identified CAPS psychologist, Maya Borgueta.

                            Upcoming Events 

Join Theta Pi Sigma! ΘΠΣ
Tabling: Starting week of Jan 13th   Rush Week: January 20th - 24th
Come and check out the world's first queer gender-neutral frarority! Looking for ways to get involved with the Santa Cruz LGBTQQIAAP* community? RUSH ΘΠΣ the week of January 20th to learn more. Find our table at the Quarry Plaza the week of January 13th...we'll be waving our rainbow flag from 8AM-3PM so you can't miss us!
Info: thetapisigma.org     Contact: thetapisigma@gmail.com

Condom COOP Training
Mon, 1/13, 7-9:30 pm, Health Center Conference Rm
Condom Co-Op is a student run organization that strives to provide the student body access to affordable safer sex supplies and student health information. RSVP: assmall@ucsc.edu

Queer Grad Student Lunch

Tues, 1/14, 12:30-2 pm, Grad Student Commons

Come join other queer grad students for a relaxed conversation and a hearty lunch.


Queer Undergrad Winter Mixer
Tues, 1/14, 7-11pm, Cantú Queer Center (dancing in Baobob Lounge!) 
Take off the chill! Hot chocolate. Warm company. Fun and gaymes! Co-sponsored by Theta Pi Sigma and the Cantú Queer Center. Info: thetapisigma@gmail.com


PFLAG Santa Cruz Meeting

Tues, 1/14, 7-9pm, Peace United Church, 900 High St. SC.

Speaker will be Brandon Brock from PFLAG SF and Napa.  He will share what he experienced at the PFLAG National Conference including the Reach Program. All are welcome.    


Slug Love Training!

Thu, 1/16, 7-9:30 pm, Health Center Conference Rm

Learn to be a peer sexual health educator & give workshops around campus! 



Third Thirsty Thursday: Queer Grad Students & Friends Social  
Thu, 1/16, 8:30-10:30pm, Seabright Brewery, 519 Seabright Ave, SC 
Come grab a brew or a soda and hang out with other queer grad students. Friends and allies welcome! 

SEAN STRUB, Body Counts Book Reading 

Thu, 1/30, 7 pm, Bookshop SC, 1520 Pacific Ave, SC 

Body Counts recollects a sorrowful and important period of American history. Written by one of the few Americans left to tell it, Sean Strub traces his evolution from a closeted gay teen to an ardent and outspoken activist for people with AIDS. Strub vividly accounts how AIDS activists evolved from renegades to a well-funded political movement. This memoir is a deeply personal testament from a long-time survivor of the countless lives lost to AIDS. Come meet the author, buy his book, and join in the post-reading discussion. 



Thu, 1/21, Porter Dining Hall (Time, TBA)

Mark your calendars for this NOT-TO-BE-MISSED FREE performance! Get a glimpse of what's in store for you here! 

What Has The Cantú Done For You?


We feature current students, former students (aka alumni), staff and faculty members of UCSC's queer community. We feature queer-identified folks and allies who are valuable members of our queer scene, as well.

Please be in touch with our QYou editor, Margarita Caracheo, mcarache@ucsc.edu to arrange an online interview!

Jan 3rd ~ RuPaul Voted 'Best Reality Host' in TV.Com Poll

Dec 30th ~ A New Era for Intersex Rights

Dec 13th ~ HHS to Reevaluate Ban on Gender-Confirming Surgeries


Dec 13th ~ All Legal Same-Sex Marriages Will Be Recognized on FAFSA!

Director Deb has been back-in-the-saddle at the center since last week. Wow, such a challenging juggling act to get our 11+ queer student orgs and groups squeezed into day and evening time slots during the week. Visitors to UCSC are amazed by the number and quality of our student-led groups. If there's a group you'd like to lead (queer jocks? queer bakers? queer knitters?), come talk with Deb and she'll help you launch a meeting! 

Gender and Sexuality Specialist Tam Welch and Cantu intern Manee Burciaga will be heading up a posse of students to bring the INCREDIBLY FUNNY AND AMAZING LESBIAN PERFORMER MARGA GOMEZ to UCSC on February 21st. She'll be performing at the Porter Dining Hall. If you want to be part of the organizing team, DO contact Tam soon! (queer@ucsc.edu)

Blood Center Survey: Men Who Have Sex with Men and Blood Bans
$10 Amazon giftcard for participating! (Take here)

Take UC Davis Queer Surveys! 
1) Experiences with the 'Heterosexual Assumption' (Take here)
2) Transgender Minority Stress Survey
  (Take here )

Queer Women in College Survey
(Take here)




Point Foundation LGBT Scholarship 
(Deadline: Jan 21st)
Info: click here. 
Wide-Open Town: A History of Queer San Francisco to 1965
This book traces San Francisco's history of LGBTQ activism and communities.  
Quotable Queer
"A person once asked me, in a provocative manner, if I approved of homosexuality. I replied with another question: "Tell me: When God looks at a gay person, does he endorse the existence of this person with love, or reject and condemn this person?" -Pope Francis
Jan 18th ~ TABLA Conference @ UC Riverside

Jan 29th-Feb 2nd ~ National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change. Houston, TX. 


April 10-13th ~ Out & Greek Conference for  LGBT & Ally Fraternity & Sorority Leaders. San Diego, CA. 


May 16th-17th ~ Queer Places, Practices, & Lives Symposium @ Ohio State Univeristy

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