Queer Student Orgs @ the Cantú!
5-6:30pm ~ Women's Group
7-10pm ~ Queer Geeks
2:30-4pm - Queer People of Color
4-5:30pm ~ FamiliaX 
7-8pm ~ Q & Q & New to the U 
8-9pm ~
Crafty Cookin' Queer Coffehouse!  
3:30-4:30pm ~ Queer Book Club (1st & 3rd)
7-10pm ~ Queer Student Union
1st & 3rd:
4:30-6:30pm ~ Bi/Pan Talk 
2nd & 4th:
4:30-6:30pm ~ Poly Open Space 
7-9:30pm ~ LGBTQQIAAP Film Series 
5:30-7:30pm ~




if you want to join other UCSC students for a Thanksgiving meal this Thursday, you are welcome to go to the Blue Note Cafe in Family Student Housing from 5-9 pm! For more info and to help with cooking, please contact: Kimbo  kebutche@ucsc.edu 


   sc prideGrab Some Chocolate and Support Santa Cruz Pride!

Treat yourself to the yummiest candy on earth, AND support Santa Cruz Pride at the same time!  Gift certificates and non-chocolate candies are also available.  Shop online here to help us reach our fundraising goals and make the 40th anniversary of Santa Cruz Pride the best event Santa Cruz has ever seen!


diversity centerDiversity Center Call-Out for Volunteers!

We are currently looking for volunteers for many areas of the Center's operations, including reception hosting, media and PR, and rockstar volunteers to join our amazing Pride Committee. Internship opportunities are available for students, as well! If interested, email Leigh at lpfeffer@diversitycenter.org.

What Has the Cantú Done for YOU? 


Margarito León 


Who are you?   

My name is Margarito León. I am a language studies major with a focus in Japanese. I have a lot hobbies: playing video games, running, rock climbing--anything sporty or outdoors, I know 4 languages. Spanish, English, American Sign Language, and Japanese. I like to collect dictionaries and read them. I own over 80 dictionaries in different languages back home. I am originally from So Cal, Riverside and am a proud Mexican.
What has the Cantú done for you?  
The Cantú has done A LOT for me, more than I expected. It has given me my first place where I could be comfortable with my sexuality, the first place where I would not feel judged or labeled. The Cantú Queer Center has given me a group of friends that I will have for the rest of my life; it has given me love in ways that no one else can.


To recommend someone for QYou or to be featured, email us at qconnect.ucsc@gmail.com!



 Nov 21st ~ College Student Asks His Peers Their Opinion About The Word 'F*ggot'




Nov 20th ~Gay Marriage In The U.S.: A Look At States Which Allow Same-Sex Couples To Wed




Nov 19th ~ Here's What Happened When One Queer Woman Dressed More Feminine For Her Job



Nov 17th ~ Kayhar, Transgender Woman, Performs Duet With Pre-Transition Self


The Fall quarter is winding down. Students are filling every nook and cranny at the Cantú with their laptops and study materials. There is a lot of reading and writing going on! Come join us: make a cup of tea and study on!


One of the things the Cantu Queer Center helps out with is supporting students who want to attend queer and queer welcoming conferences. For example, the Out and Greek Conference will be happening in San Diego in April. Deb is helping student leaders raise funds to be able to take Theta Pi Signma members to that conference for the first time ever!  We'll also be helping groups of UCSC student attend the Queer and Asian and QPOC conferences later this year. Our ability to provide this assistance is more limited now that we have lost our center's program coordinator, but we are maximizing our resources by helping students network with other student leaders who have coordinated contingents for past conferences.


Have a terrific break. In spite of Thanksgiving's genocidal roots, we encourage you to enjoy time with your families (families of origin and/or families of choice) and express gratitude to all who honor your queerness.  

Upcoming Events 


Convivial & Queer: Queer Faculty, Staff, and Friends Mixer

Thu, 12/4, 4-7 pm, Cowell Provost House

Come join other queer faculty, staff, and friends/allies at this convivial celebration. Hors d'oervres, wine, and bubbly. Info: Deb Abbott, dabbott@ucsc.edu 


San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus Christmas Concert

12/14, Peace United Church of Christ, SC

The SF Gay Men's Chorus returns to Santa Cruz on December 14th to present an effusive holiday concert hosted by Peace United Church of Christ.

This year's fundraiser benefits the Santa Cruz AIDS Project, The Diversity Center, The Queer Youth Task Force, and PFLAG, and is a celebration of our church's commitment to an Extravagant Welcome for ALL people.  Enjoy a world class choir, a cookie and champagne reception, and a fabulous raffle filled with lovely prizes!  You won't want to miss this evening of holiday cheer! Buy tickets here. 

Take UC Davis Queer Surveys! 
1) Experiences with the 'Heterosexual Assumption' (Take here)

Generation Q
by Robin Bernstien

This non-fiction work is a collection of essays, memoirs, recollections and thoughts by the young people of the early 1990's. It delves into living through the AIDS epidemic and the process of coming out and what it means to come of age as a Queer young person.  Bernstein tells us stories not only about our youthful presence but about our future in an ever-changing society.



Oakes 150: Queer US History & Theory  

(Winter 2014 T/Th 2-3:45pm) 

Were there "lesbians," "gays," "bisexuals," "trans" and "queer" people in the past, as we understand those identities today? Info: Dr. Philip Longo plongo@ucsc.edu 


Engaging Education (e2) Activism Class: 2014

This seminar is student-run and student-focused, emphasizing progressive models of education and non-traditional classroom settings.


Point Foundation LGBT Scholarship 
(Deadline: Jan 21st)
Info: click here. 
Jan 18th ~ TABLA Conference @ UC Riverside

Jan 29th-Feb 2nd ~ National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change. Houston, TX. 




April 10-13th ~ Out & Greek Conference for  LGBT & Ally Fraternity & Sorority Leaders. San Diego, CA. 


May 16th-17th ~ Queer Places, Practices, & Lives Symposium @ Ohio State Univeristy

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Keep the Cantú Strong!