Queer Student Orgs @ the Cantú!
5-6:30pm ~ Women's Group
7-10pm ~ Queer Geeks
2:30-4pm - Queer People of Color
4-5:30pm ~ FamiliaX 
7-8pm ~ Q & Q & New to the U 
8-9pm ~
Crafty Cookin' Queer Coffehouse!  
3:30-4:30pm ~ Queer Book Club (1st & 3rd)
7-10pm ~ Queer Student Union
1st & 3rd:
4:30-6:30pm ~ Bi/Pan Talk 
2nd & 4th:
4:30-6:30pm ~ Poly Open Space 
7-9:30pm ~ LGBTQQIAAP Film Series 
5:30-7:30pm ~


Queer Grad Student Lunch

Tues, 11/12, 12:30-2 pm, Grad Student Commons

Come eat pizza and hang out with other queer grad students!

This is a monthly event, every 2nd Tuesday. Join us!


Gangsters, Geeks and Geishas:  Asian Americans and the Challenges of Transformation: A dialogue with Helen Zia
Tues, 11/12, 3-4:30pm, College 9 Namaste Lounge
Join us for this dialogue-format event with award-winning journalist, renowned scholar-activist, and lesbian Helen Zia.

Queer People of Color Mixer!  
Tues, 11/12, 6-10pm ARCenter, UCSC 
Come out and connect with fellow queer students, faculty, and staff of color! Facebook event. There will be yummy food, music, ice breakers and lots of networking opportunities. Let's color the woods! Info: queerpoc.ucsc@ucsc.edu

UCSC's Coloring The Woods QPOC Mixer Event 11-12-13 
UCSC's Coloring The Woods QPOC Mixer! 11-12-13
PFLAG PFLAG Santa Cruz Meeting: SCC Community Meeting & Vision Circle

Tues, 11/12, 7-9pm, First Congregational Church, 900 High St, SC

Discussion and support! Join families as they come together to help chart the course for PFLAG Santa Cruz County. All are welcome!

Queer Sex 101
Fri, 11/15, 12-4pm, Cantú Queer Center 
Join us at the Cantú for a fabulous day of queer sex health and education! Come and go as you please-we'll be here all day hosting a range of fun interactive gaymes, free and anonymous rapid HIV testing in a private room, and SEXY banana spits! You won't want to miss out. Questions and/or want to get involved? Contact shop@ucsc.edu. See you there! 


Speaking Peace In Community Conflicts with Aviva Longinotti and Rick Longinotti, MFT
Sat, 11/16, 10am-4pm
How do we build up our community or organization? How do we communicate when values seem so different? What if we don't have a seat at the table of power?  Marshall Rosenberg's "Nonviolent Communication" offers a way of overcoming obstacles to civil dialogue. It enhances advocacy by transforming us vs. them thinking. Sliding scale. To register and for location: 831.423.1626. 

What Has the Cantú Done for YOU? 


Iriany Lopez-Hernandez


Who are you?

 My name is Iriany Lopez-Hernandez. I am double- majoring in Community and Feminist studies and minoring in Education. I identify as 'Queer-Fluid.'


What has the Cantú done for you? 

The Cantú has given me the opportunity to meet people who are in the process of 'coming out' or are already 'out.' Though, I still haven't come out to my parents, or to some friends, the center has helped me and supported me through the process of 'coming out.' There are people at the center that will help you through this process and remind you that nothing is wrong with identifying as Queer.   


To recommend someone for QYou or to be featured, email us at qconnect.ucsc@gmail.com!




Nov 10th ~ 21 Of The Best LGBT Moments Last Week



Nov 9th ~ Hawaii Gay Marriage Bill Approved By State's House Of Representatives



Nov 8th ~ Senate passes ENDA; bill heads to House



Nov 8th ~ Colorado College Defends Use Of The Word 'Queer' 




The Cantu is excited about 2 programs this week that it is co-sponsoring.


DO plan on attending the QPOC Mixer TONIGHT on 11.12.13! All are welcome regardless of identities. Come dance, laugh, eat, flirt, make new friends! Student leaders have worked VERY hard raising funds and planning in order to make this event a way queer extravaganza!


And this Friday, the Cantu will be transformed into a Queer Sex Space. When we "come out" there's often an expectation that we instantly know all there is to know about queer sex. But this just isn't so! Come learn, play games, see demos, get quick tested (know your status!!), eat snacks, ask the "sexperts" and have fun. 








Upcoming Events 


Beginning Taiko (Japanese Drumming) For Queers & Allies!
Weds, 11/20, 6:30-8:30pm, OH-IN Taiko Studio, 2440-B Monarch Street, Alameda, CA
Kristy Oshiro is a kick-ass queer Asian taiko artist unlike anyone you've ever met before. Three parts crazy, one part cool, she grew up playing taiko from age nine in Hawai'i where she was born and raised. Taiko became an important outlet for self expression and pride particularly during her coming out process. Her dream is to share her love for taiko with as many people as possible. Cost: $35. Space is limited! To register, contact Kristy Oshiro ASAP at psychotaikogirl@gmail.com 
Queer Grad Student 
Third Thirsty Thursdays! 11/21,  8:30-10:30pm, Seabright Brewery, SC
A casual space to hang out with other queer and allied grad students and friends!
Support the rights of trans* and gender-nonconforming students and workers at UC. Sign this petition to Demand More All-Gender restrooms at the University of California! All welcome to sign!

Tell your representatives: pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Anti-LGBT workplace discrimination endangers hardworking Americans every day - and it's time we help put an end to it. Sign here!



Oakes 150: Queer US History & Theory  

(Winter 2014 T/Th 2-3:45pm) 

Were there "lesbians," "gays," "bisexuals," "trans" and "queer" people in the past, as we understand those identities today? Info: Dr. Philip Longo plongo@ucsc.edu


Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP)
 (Deadline: Nov. 17th)
(ESLP) is accepting applications for facilitators. Facilitators go through a 5 unit training class this winter quarter in which they design and plan their syllabus, lesson plans, and logistics of their classes.  Application here.


Take UC Davis Queer Surveys! 
1) Experiences with the 'Heterosexual Assumption' (Take here)


Point Foundation LGBT Scholarship 
(Deadline: Jan 21st)
Info: click here. 
Nov 15-17th Students of Color Conference @ UCLA
Jan 18th ~ TABLA Conference @ UC Riverside

Jan 29th-Feb 2nd ~ National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change. Houston, TX. 


May 16th-17th ~ Queer Places, Practices, & Lives Symposium @ Ohio State Univeristy

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