July 20, 2015 

Britespan Building Systems Inc. Introduces the Genesis 6 Building Series up to 200 Feet Wide

LUCKNOW, ON July 20th, 2015

Britespan Building Systems Inc. (Britespan) is excited to announce the introduction of their new pre-engineered building series, the Genesis 6. The Genesis building series previously had a maximum width of 160 feet. When Britespan was asked to engineer a 190 foot wide by 594 foot long Genesis building series for cold storage, the technical and engineering team at Britespan immediately began discussions and the development process to engineer the colossal structure.


The development and engineering of the Genesis 6 190 feet wide building has allowed for Britespan to offer buildings up to a massive clear-span width of 200 feet!  As with all of Britespan's building series, the Genesis 6 can be built to any required length. The trusses used in a Genesis 6 building are an amazing 7.5 feet deep! The deeper truss allows Britespan to construct buildings in geographical areas with a much heavier snow load, making them ideal for more Northern areas.


Britespan is constantly innovating their products, from completely new building lines to new accessories, new installation methods, and new foundation options. Britespan offers more building styles and sizes than any other supplier in the steel framed fabric buildings industry. Britespan buildings are completely customizable, from doors types and locations, foundation types, and even branded buildings.


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Visit Britespan's new website!

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About Britespan Building Systems Inc.

Located in Lucknow Ontario, Britespan Building Systems Inc. offers steel framed, fabric covered buildings, as temporary, permanent and portable solutions for every industry and application. Britespan buildings are pre-engineered in clearspan widths up to 200 feet wide and can be manufactured to any length, with post-fabrication hot dip galvanized trusses for superior rust protection. The thermally non-conductive properties of our covers ensure a warmer interior during cold months and a cooler interior during hot months. Natural ventilation and abundant sunlight dispersed through the building eliminates moisture, and creates a safe, shadow free working environment. Our buildings can be installed quickly, even in remote areas. As an industry leader, we have constructed thousands of buildings across North America. 

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