June 8, 2015 
Britespan Celebrates Five Years of Successful Business & Rapid Growth
LUCKNOW, June 8, 2015
This month marks the five year anniversary of Britespan Building Systems Inc. (Britespan). Britespan was started by Ben Hogervorst and his wife Jenny, in partnership with Rob Stute, in June 2010. Ben and Jenny had been the owners of Cover-All Building Systems of Ontario for 15 years, a dealership for Cover-All Building Systems Inc. (Cover-All), recognized as a top dealership year after year for their success. When Cover-All went into receivership in March 2010, Ben and Jenny decided to form Britespan. "We felt that loyalty and obligation to the customers that we had sold to for so many years, and to the other Cover-All customers who were now without dealership support," says Ben Hogervorst, President of Britespan.

"Our goal when we started Britespan was to be an innovative company. We wanted to go above and beyond what other fabric building manufacturers were doing, both from a product line and quality standpoint. We accomplished this by listening to our customers and dealers, listening to their ideas and needs, and really letting that drive our innovation," says Hogervorst.

After five years of hard work and dedication, Britespan continues to see rapid success and growth, both as a company and as a leading manufacturer and supplier of fabric buildings across North America. Today, Britespan is a team of industry experts, from our authorized dealers to our engineering, technical and manufacturing departments. With a growing dealership base of over 40 local dealerships across North America, and the largest product line in the fabric building industry, the future looks "brite" for Britespan.

To celebrate the success and innovative focus of the company, Britespan recently launched a corporate positioning video and a new website, and have revitalized their brand to strengthen their presence as a leader in the fabric building industry.

Learn more about Britespan Building Systems Inc. by visiting us online at www.britespanbuildings.com and watch our corporate video.

Visit Britespan's NEW Website!

We are very excited about launching Britespan's new corporate website, and encourage everyone to take a tour!


Visit Britespan's new website!

Learn more about how a building from Britespan is the right building solution for every industry and application. 

As a leading manufacturer and supplier, we have one of the widest product lines in fabric building industry. 

Understand the critical design and engineering differences that make one fabric building different from the next.

Watch our Corporate Video!
Learn about the Britespan story from humble beginnings, to a continued successful future with rapid growth across North America as an industry leader, and a step by step look at the production process from concept to completion for one of Britespan's fabric structures. Watch Britespan's corporate video!

About Britespan Building Systems Inc.

Located in Lucknow Ontario, Britespan Building Systems Inc. offers steel framed, fabric covered buildings, as temporary, permanent and portable solutions for every industry and application. Britespan buildings are pre-engineered in clearspan widths up to 160 feet wide and can be manufactured to any length, with post-fabrication hot dip galvanized trusses for superior rust protection. The thermally non-conductive properties of our covers ensure a warmer interior during cold months and a cooler interior during hot months. Natural ventilation and abundant sunlight dispersed through the building eliminates moisture, and creates a safe, shadow free working environment. Our buildings can be installed quickly, even in remote areas. As an industry leader, we have constructed thousands of buildings across North America. 

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