The APSI Advisor
Issue 3
Fall 2014
Hello All!

Just as cooler weather brings a change in seasons, new initiatives and ideas continue to bring change to the DD system. 

Recently the DODD Strategic Planning Leadership Committee, which APSI is a part of, held its final planning meeting. This group met regularly over the last year to develop recommendations to guide the future of the DD system in Ohio. By the end of the year a  recommended 2 year and 10 year plan will be available on the DODD website.

In addition, DODD will be hosting public forums in December around the state regarding the CMS Transition Plan.  The new CMS rule was effective March 17, 2014. The new rule says that medicaid funds no longer can be used to provide waiver services in or adjacent to settings that have the effect of isolating people.

By March 17, 2015, all states are required to submit a Transition Plan to CMS outlining where the state currently is not in compliance with the new rule, and what steps will be taken to come into compliance by 2019.

APSI has been active in the CMS Transition Plan Committee. As the transition process continues, APSI will continue to advocate for the most person centered supports in the least restrictive settings for those we serve.


Karla Rinto  
A Winning Partnership
Medal Winning Golfer, Paul Hiles
On Wednesday September 17th, The Madison County Tigers Special Olympics Golf Team participated in the Special Olympics State Golf Tournament held at Meadow Links & Golf Academy in Cincinnati.

Mark Bostic, Regional Program Director for APSI's South Central region, teamed up with Madison County resident, Paul Hiles (who is served by APSI) to participate in the tournament.

Paul and Mark, who both golf regularly, had never been partnered together before, but that did not stop them from bringing home a first place medal. 
And His Partner, Mark Bostic

Paul, who lives in an IO waiver setting says, "I was excited to win first place!" He fine tunes his golf game during the summer by practicing once a week with the Tigers at the London Country Club and looks forward to competing again during the next golf season. Until then, Paul intends to stay active by participating in several other Special Olympic sports including basketball, bowling, and volleyball.      

Mark explained that he and Paul first golfed together earlier in the summer at the Special Olympics Area Two qualifying tournament in Miami County. They needed to play in this event in order to qualify to play in the state tournament. Mark shared that he has been participating in the Madison County Special Olympics golf program for four years and anticipates continuing his participation next season. The season runs from late June or early July through mid September and the two day state tournament event.

Both Paul and Mark indicate a desire to continue golfing together next season and may even become regular golfing partners!

Congratulations to Paul and Mark, and best of luck next year!
Staff Spotlight
At the beginning of the year, the APSI Advisor reported on the creation of a new classification of Protective Service Representative titled, Senior Protective Service Representative (PSR). The  Senior PSR position was created to provide additional support to regional staff. Four Senior PSRs were hired to fill positions in three of APSI's regions (Northeast, Southwest, and South Central) with the hope of adding Senior PSRs in the two remaining regions (East Central and Northwest) at a future date.

Recently, APSI was able to turn this goal into a reality by hiring Senior PSRs in the remaining two regions. We would like to congratulate Amanda Jackson from the East Central region and Stephanie Bish from the Northwest region on their recent promotions to these positions.

APSI Receives Grant Funding
In June 2014 APSI submitted a grant request to the Harry C. Moores Foundation in the amount of $5000. If awarded, APSI intended to utilize the funds to help defray some of the costs associated with replacing outdated APSI laptops in the regional offices. 

We are very happy to report that in mid September APSI received a check from the Harry C. Moores Foundation for the full $5000 we had requested. 

Legislative Update: House Bill 624 and Senate Bill 365
In late September 2014,  House Bill 624 and Senate Bill 365 were introduced to the Ohio Legislature. These bills were generated as part of a response to recent concerns about the service provision and oversight being provided by some guardians in Ohio, as highlighted in a series of articles by the Columbus Dispatch. 

According to the language found in each bill the intent of the legislation is "to enact section 2111.011 of the Revised Code to provide a ward's bill of rights and to require that a guardian receive the Ohio Guardianship Guide prepared by the Attorney General and acknowledge such receipt."

DODD MUI Registry Unit Newsletter

Scott Phillips, DODD Assistant Deputy Director of the MUI Registry Unit, has the following to say about the release of the most recent edition of the DODD MUI Registry Unit's newsletter. 

 "The DODD MUI Registry Unit is pleased to announce our next edition of the Well-Informed Newsletter. This issue includes several very good topics including Choking/Falls Prevention, Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence Prevention, Healthy Lifestyles Group and Identity Theft Prevention.  The purpose of Well-Informed is to address health and wellness issues to improve outcomes for individuals across Ohio. This issue is of special interest because it's focus is on both education and prevention. Taking proactive steps to protect the individuals we support will dramatically reduce the number of preventable incidents in Ohio."


Click here to view the most recent edition of the Well-Informed Newsletter 


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Upcoming Events
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APSI Anniversaries

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We would like to extend a warm welcome to APSI's newest employees!

Sarah Hines (EC)
Genae Patete (EC)

Rachel Carlson (NE)
Katie Fritz (NE)
Erica Gay (NE)
Cery Globeck (NE)
Michelle Hines (NE)
Brandie Viney (SC)

Brooke Obringer (SW)

Jim Scenters (SW)

DODD Protective Service Rule 

In August a public hearing was held regarding proposed changes to the DODD Protective Service Rule (5123:1-15-01) from the Ohio Administrative Code. There were no significant new changes to the rule as a result of  the public hearing and the rule was finalized on 9/30/14.

Medical Minute: Focus On The Flu
With the onset of colder weather we once again find ourselves contemplating the recurring question of whether or not to get a flu shot. 

Who should (or should not) get a flu shot? What sort of flu season is expected this year? What can we do to prepare ourselves and protect those we come into contact with?

Click here to reference flu related Health and Welfare Alerts from the DODD website

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