The APSI Advisor
                             January 2014


 Welcome to the APSI Advisor! As some of our long term staff members will recall, we used to publish a paper newsletter. The

New APSI Advisor is an E- newsletter that will come out on a quarterly basis.  


We plan to have regular features that include upcoming events, a Staff Spotlight, updates from Central Office, and news from around the regions. Your feedback is important, so let us know what you think about the newsletter and topics you would like to see covered.







APSI Partnering With The Columbus Foundation
Great news! APSI's Power Philanthropy Portrait through the Columbus Foundation has been approved! Our Power Philanthropy Portrait provides information to the public  about APSI and also provides the option for people to donate directly to APSI through the Columbus Foundation's website. APSI has received approximately $1400.00 in donations through this site since August 2013. 

Attorney Derek L. Graham

 APSI will continue to outsource our Attorney services with Derek Graham, Attorney with Onda, LaBuhn, Rankin and Boggs in Columbus.   Derek has extensive legal experience in probate matters and estate planning.
 Derek is also a parent of a young daughter with Down Syndrome. He is very excited about helping us serve adults with developmental disabilities that need guardianship and other protective services from APSI.  


 Derek's work with APSI will include attending hearings and maintaining communication with probate courts throughout the state. He will also be available to assist APSI with other legal matters as the need arises. Please forward any information or questions you have for Derek to Wanda (in Central Office) and your RPD.

Sarah with her former APSI rep, Ron Spencer, following her hearing.

 We would like to extend our congratulations to an individual formerly served by APSI, Sarah Mossburg, on her recent restoration to competency!

 Sarah is a woman who knows her own mind. She has always wanted to be as independent as possible and make her own decisions. 
 Sarah will tell you that when APSI first became her guardian in 2006 she was not making the best decisions, especially about her health. She will also tell you that a lot has changed since 2006!
 With the help of her service provider On The Mark, her spouse, and her APSI Protective Services Representative, Sarah began to make many positive changes in her life.
 In 2013 with the support and encouragement of her team, Sarah filed the necessary paperwork with the probate court to be restored to competency. The judge who heard Sarah's case approved her request immediately!
  Now Sarah is making her own decisions and staying on track with the help of of her service providers. She is happy with where she lives and recently had the hours of staffing in her home reduced. She is also going to her medical appointments on her own.  Sarah has become active in the Ohio Self Determination Association and has been asked to speak at one of their upcoming events. Sarah is also excited to report that she is making plans to pursue obtaining community employment. 

 Sarah's independence means the world to her and we at APSI are so glad to have been part of her journey!

    Following her hearing, Sarah made a celebratory video. Click below to hear what she has to say about her experience.

Got my guardianship
I Got My Guardianship!

 Life at APSI is as busy as ever, and our focus remains on serving those individuals with the most complex needs. Because working with this group of individuals requires so much time and effort on a day to day basis, it easy to see how our staff and supervisors can quickly become bogged down with administrative tasks.

 As a means of providing support to regional staff, a new classification of Protective Services Representative, called Senior Protective Services Representative, has been created. Four (4) Senior PSRs have been hired around the state and they will be assisting RPDs in the APSI regions that have more than ten (10) representatives.

 In most cases the Senior PSR will carry a reduced caseload and spend the rest of the workday assisting their RPD with administrative tasks. They will also be acting as a resource to the PSRs in their region.  If future funding allows, it is hoped a Senior PSR position could become a reality in all APSI regions.

APSI would like to congratulate the following individuals who began their new duties as Senior PSRs in late December and early January:

Jan Bannon- Northeast Region

Talia Powell- Northeast Region

Melanie Domyan- South Central Region

Kristina Gaible- Southwest Region


HR Happenings 
How to Use Your Health Reimbursement Arrangement Account

The HRA is not health insurance, it is a financial vehicle to help off-set the cost of your out-of-pocket expenses. When an employee enrolls in medical coverage they will automatically be enrolled in the HRA program. At the beginning of each plan year (January 1st) APSI credits each participant's account with the annual HRA amount. The 2014 HRA contribution amount is $250.

Eligible medical expenses include plan deductible, co-insurance and co-pays.

Once you have incurred medical expenses and paid out of pocket please take the following steps:
  • Keep your receipt
  • Wait for Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to arrive in mail from Medical Mutual or print from Medical Mutual website-
  • Complete HRA Reimbursement Form and include a copy of your receipt and EOB for service
  • Fax, email, or mail HRA Reimbursement Form, receipt and EOB to CBA Benefits:

 *Fax: 614-880-0091


 *Mail: CBA, 73 E. Wilson Bridge Rd, #B6, Worthington,        OH 43085

  • Keep copies of documentation for your own records


Other "Things to Know"

  • CBA pays HRA claims on the second and last Friday of every month. To avoid delays, please submit your request by the Wednesday before.
  • CBA will tell you when the full deductible or co-insurance has been met. Thereafter, you do not need to send EOBs with reimbursement request.
  • Claims incurred within the plan year must be submitted with 90 days of the end of the plan year or within 90 days of the EOB, whichever is later.
  • There is a rolloever provision for unused funds that is capped at $1,000.
  • Questions can be answered by CBA directly at 1-866-880-0068 




Upcoming Events

All Staff Video conference
President's Day

APSI Board of Trustees Meeting
All Staff Video Conference

All Staff Video Conference
  On January 15th, APSI staff members from the Southwest region met with Hamilton County Board of DD (HCBDD) staff in the first cross training event of a recent collaborative effort.

  The meeting brought together APSI reps, HCBDD High Risk Service Facilitators, Behavior Support Specialists, and staff from the Major Unusual Incidents (MUI) unit. 

  During the training, the roles of each agency were discussed. Participants then broke into small groups and worked through scenarios that required APSI reps and HCBDD staff to reverse roles and process their responses to the scenario from the perspective of the other person.

  Taking this time to work together and think about things from another point of view resulted in a very successful collaborative effort that may lead to others in the future.
APSI Anniversaries
January 2014

21 Years
Janice Dible  (EC)

20 Years
Jan Bannon (NE)

16 Years
Charly Steinbrenner (NE)

14 Years
Teresa Anker (EC)

3 Years
Mike Walters (Med Spec)

1 Year
Terry Cooper (CO)
Traci Craig (SW)
Inez Hunter (NE)

February 2014   

29 Years 
Barb Emch (NE) 
22 Years 
Barb Schuster (NE)
12 Years
Kim Webster (SW)
10 Years 
Angela Gerding (CO)
Jeff Lacey (SW)

6 Years
Joey Nunez (NE)

4 Years
Emily Boros (NW)

1 Year
Sandee Hull- Ferguson (NW)

March 2013

26 Years
Wanda Carroll (CO)

10 Years
Eric Backderf (NE)

9 Years
Beckie Dean (CO)

6 Years
Jamie Vandenbark (CO)

4 Years
Emma Keen (EC)

3 Years
Kelly Martin (SC)

1 Year
Tamika Jenkins (NE)
Anita Maiden (NE)
Jennifer Reich (NE)

  We would like to extend  a warm welcome to APSI's newest employees!

December 2013
Pat Dahlinghaus,PSR (NW)

 January 2014
Latasha Crawford,PSR (NE)

Medical Minute
Just a reminder: 

Important resource information such as a listing of all past Health and Welfare Alerts is only a click away on the DODD website! 

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